14 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Even though we are aware Valentine’s Day is too commercialized nowadays, we still enjoy celebrating it. I mean, why not celebrated with those you love? Any excuse is a good excuse. Especially if it involves flowers and chocolate, am I right? And while some countries don’t celebrate, some of the ways some countries do might surprise you. Valentine’s Day traditions around the world can get pretty interesting and quirky. 

For example, did you know that in France they had a tradition banned by the government where single men and women would gather in houses facing each other and shout across to be paired up. Men who weren’t satisfied with their match could choose to go for another. Women who were left unmatched, would gather to burn pictures of men. Yeah. I think it was a good call to ban this nonsense haha.

While in Germany, pigs are a symbol of luck and lust and are often seen in Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. In Wales, men give women carved wooden spoons. And in the Philippines they hold mass weddings, often sponsored by the government.

Check out the infographic below to read about more Valentine’s Day traditions around the world:

Infographic by Flower Card

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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