21 Things To Do To Kill Time At The Airport

If you find yourself at a long connection or your flight has been delayed, there are a surprising number of things to do at the airport. One of my favourite and simplest ways is to find a comfy seat near a plug (for the computer or phone), and people watch. Watching people at the airport is totally entertaining. You see all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds and stories. And if you’re imaginative enough, you can make up stories for the people you see. No harm no foul. 

But if people watching is not your thing, you have many other options to kill time. Stressed? Head to one of the day spas and pamper yourself with a massage. Shopaholic? Airports are becoming more like malls than airports, with stores all around. Fitness junkie? Some airports have gyms offering day passes. Bookworm? A delayed flight is the perfect time to get some reading done. Art lover? Tons of airports have amazing displayed and installations of art worthy of finding.

Or how about purchasing a puzzle book, grabbing a drink at a bar, doing some meditation at the “quiet room”, grab a bite to eat, or get some work done. I’m telling you, there are plenty of things to do at an airport. And many of them offer free wifi!

Planning to bring some things in case of a delayed flight, like extra cash, a book, or a comfortable compact pillow is also wise.

Check out the infographic below for more ideas.

21 Things To Do At The Airport

21 Things To Do To Kill Time When Delayed At The Airport – An infographic by the team at Globehunters.com

Which is your favourite way to pass the time at an airport?

1 thought on “21 Things To Do To Kill Time At The Airport

  1. My favorite is to look at the departures to some of my favorite destinations in the world. I just feel happy to see people boarding the plane and wonder when i would get to visit those places 🙂


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