How To Love Travelling With A Medical Condition

Everyone deserves to travel – and the majority can. Regardless of whether you’re fit and healthy, or have a physical impairment, you shouldn’t have to put off travelling. It’s possible to visit the most exotic of destinations the world has to offer even if you are travelling with a medical condition.

You’ve just got to take a bit more time with the necessary preparation. To help with your planning and to make sure you still enjoy your trip with a medical condition, we’ve got some great suggestions. Check them out:

Make your journey easier by packing well

By packing carefully you can make things easier for yourself. Make sensible decisions on what you need to take and write a list of the essentials. Think about the following things when you’re packing:

What is the duration of your trip?
Will the temperature or humidity cause any problems?
What medication will you need to take?
Do you have specialist equipment?
What are the luggage and carry-on restrictions on the plane, ferry, or train you’re taking?
Source: Insurancewith

Of course, medication will be vital to your packing. We suggest packing enough for the length of your trip – plus a little extra, in case of emergencies or delays.

Take company

What better way to improve your holiday than taking a friend? For those with a medical condition, it offers an extra bit of reassurance and help but ultimately, it’s just great fun to go away with people you get along with and create lifelong memories with them.

Just remember most people usually need their own personal time. Also try your best to never make decisions when you’re hungry or stressed. Find some more great tips for travelling with friends at Forbes.

Tell people about your medical condition

Most of the time, airline and hotel staff will be more than happy to help you with special requests. But they can’t assist you if you don’t let them know about your medical condition.

So be upfront and ensure the holiday runs smoothly by asking what provisions they make for guests with medical conditions. Airports might be able to provide you with a wheelchair to make that part of the journey easier, for example, and hotel staff can advise you on local facilities and make special arrangements for you.

Pick a destination you’ve always wanted to go to

Morschach, Switzerland by Martin Sattler

Travelling with a medical condition is slightly more complicated. As a result, you might not get away with as much as you’d like. So make the most of the trips you plan by choosing destinations you’ve always wanted to visit.

As a starting point, check out the Telegraph’s 20 best destinations to visit in 2017. Chile tops the list with a mention of a growing wine tourism scene, while the architecture in Granada, Spain is admired, and Copenhagen, Denmark is recommended for foodies.

Wherever you end up, we hope you have an amazing time. Share your holiday experiences in the comments section!

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