The Best Vacations in America for Sports Fans

If you love travel and sports, there are tons of events and places you can visit in America to create wonderful memories. Whether you’re into baseball, football, boxing, surfing, horse racing, you name it… America has got you covered. While you may be able to satisfy your sport excitement needs locally, making a trip for it can ensure a lot of extra fun. Check out a few of the best vacations in America for sports fans:

Upstate New York: Baseball and Olympics

yankee stadium ny

America’s oldest sports Hall of Fame lives in picturesque Cooperstown, NY. At The National Baseball Hall of Fame and History Museum you can relive baseball’s greatest moments and players. Many have stayed in family’s memories for generations. The museum offers special experiences like overnights and personalized tours focused on your favourite team. Additionally, you can pose with legends at the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum.

For more sports fun, check out the Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex. Here you can take part in many Olympics winter sports like bobsledding. You can also ice skate on the same rink where the U.S. famously defeated the Soviet Union.

Louisville, Kentucky: Horse Racing, Betting, and Boxing

Churchill Downs horse racing
Image via Flickr by Jeff Kubina

For the love of on-track betting and horses, you have the Kentucky Derby. This is one the most-watched sporting events of the year. While it only occurs in May, you can attend a horse race at Churchill Downs any time of the year. Plus, you can also satisfy the betting rush at sports betting sites, anytime and anywhere. After the fun of live horse racing, head to the on-site museum to enjoy exhibits on winning horses and Derby fashion through time.

Moreover, the West Main District in downtown homes the Muhammad Ali Cultural Center, dedicated to this loved boxer, a native of Louisville. And head to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, for a little baseball fun where you can experience the bat-making process.

Northeast Ohio: Football (and Rock)

Image via Flickr by EDrost88

Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame pays homage to rock star quarterbacks and other gridiron’s greats. The museum has undergone a wonderful renovation and expansion. And it offers interactive exhibits including an Instant Reply challenge where you can play referee and decide on the rulings on the field. And Queen’s “We will rock you” is an iconic football song, where you can segway into paying homage to actual rock stars at the Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There’s actually tons to do in Cleveland.

San Diego: Skate and Surf

Best Vacations in America for Sports Fans

Sunny San Diego, California is home to the skateboard legend Tony Hawk. And here, you can practice all your tricks on a board on cement or at sea at one of the many skateparks and surfing beaches around. You can also head to Oceanside, a bit north, to celebrate the Golden State’s surfing culture at the California Surf Museum.

But sports don’t end at surf and skateboarding in San Diego. There’s plenty of other action sports from BMX and mountain biking to hang gliding. And you can enjoy the rush of cheering at a stadium at the beautiful baseball Padres’ Petco Park with palm trees and a beach at a stone’s throw.

As you can see, there’s a bonanza of sporty activities across the USA to enjoy with family or friends.

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