My Favourite Place In The World – Meherabad, India

About a month ago I returned from a 21 day trip to my favourite place in the world – Meherabad. This magical place lies in India’s Maharashtra state and I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to come here many times. But no matter how long my stay is, I never want to leave. I truly can not explain what it is to be there. It’s one of those places that you have to experience for yourself. Every trip is a different experience, internal and otherwise. But I will attempt to describe it a bit, to give you an idea. And maybe the photos will also provide a glimpse to this little piece of heaven on earth.

Meherabad, India

Meherabad is a spiritual place. It’s a place to disconnect from the news, your job, your worries, technology (mostly), and in turn make deep connections with people from around the world, connect with your inner self, and connect with God.

It’s a place to dig deep down, effortlessly. And it’s a place to surround yourself with the overflowing love and joyful atmosphere, and sometimes purge some of your deepest pains and struggles.

Meherabad, India Gardens MPRMeherabad, India

Meherabad is also a place where even night owls (like me) will happily and easily wake up very early in the morning and enjoy magical sunrise walks, and enjoy sunset walks just as much.

Meher Baba SamadhiMPR Meherabad, India

It’s a place for many laughs and deep conversations. It’s a place for listening to beautiful music morning and night. And it’s a place to clear your mind, find artistic inspiration, and stare at the starry night sky until your neck hurts.

MPR food Meherabad, India
Yes, sometimes there are fries for breakfast.

It’s also a place to drink tons of chai, as well as tons of water to keep you hydrated from the strong Indian sun. And enjoy the best meals because the conversations are very interesting and open-hearted.

MPR dining hall Meherabad, India
The dining hall at the MPR.
MPR Dining hall Meherabad, India
People lined up getting their food during lunch time.
MPR card games Meherabad, India
Game time. Pilgrims enjoying a game of cards and backgammon in the afternoon.

Meherabad, is a place to enjoy simple board and card games and listen to wonderful music.

Meherabad, India MusicMeherabad, India musicMeherabad, India Fruit

It’s a place to soak in the culture and shop locally for fresh coconut water and Indian snacks.

Meherabad, India shopMeherabad, IndiaMeherabad, India train stationMeherabad, India rickshaw

And it’s definitely a place to ride around in auto-rickshaws.

Meherabad, India rickshawMeherazadMeherazad

A couple days a week, it’s a place to take the bus to Meherazad and enjoy the beautiful gardens and Sunday music programs.

MeherazadMeherazad musicMeherazad flowersMeherazadMeher Pilgrim Retreat

The MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) pictured above, is where people stay in Meherabad.

Meherabad is a rural Indian town about 2-hour drive from Pune, and about 6 hours from Bombay. You can read more about this town in a previous post.

I have also written all about the practical information, more things to do, and accommodation details of the MPR.

MPR Meherabad, India

That colorful rainbow bag is of the Meher Baba flag. The seven colors represent the seven planes of consciousness, as well as seven kinds of sanskaras.

“The colors in the flag signify man’s rise from the gross sphere of impressions of lust and anger – symbolized by red – to the culmination in the highest state of spirituality and oneness with God – symbolized by sky blue.”

Meher Baba Samadhi Meherabad, India

Don’t pay attention to the mess in my room.

So it’s safe to say I recommend this place to anyone looking for an interesting, peaceful, spiritual, and possibly life-changing place.

Have you ever taken a trip to leave your worries behind, open up your heart, and connect deeply?

What is YOUR favourite place in the world? 

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Place In The World – Meherabad, India

  1. I just spent three weeks in Cuba, where I was off the grid nearly the entire time. And Varanasi, India, was, to me, a very spiritual place where, despite the distraction of city life, it was easy to find some semblance of peace.

    I don’t know that I have a *single* favorite place, but both of those destinations are up there.


    1. That’s the interesting part about India, how in the midst of so much activity and even chaos you can find a lot of peaceful places.
      I’ve never really had Cuba on my list.


  2. Avan N. Cooverji May 28, 2018 — 7:42 am

    I have been to Meherabad many times but have stayed at hotels at Ahmednagar. I would really like to stay at the Meher Pilgrim Centre but they do not allow married couples to stay in a room which is great disadvantage as my husband with disability/ limited mobility needs my asistance at all times. If they would just have accomodation for people like us who have been long married, it would solve a lot of problems . Apart from that , it is a slice of heaven on earth and everything about it is wonderful.


    1. Oh, that’s unfortunate! I don’t mind they separate men and women, even married, but in cases like yours it would definitely be good to have exceptions. It would be tricky though, because the bathrooms are for men on the men’s side and for women on the women’s side, so it would be a long walk for one of you to use the bathroom. If your stays aren’t too short, they have condos near the MPR you could look into renting for the duration of your stay. I know there’s also a hotel near the Retreat but I’m not sure it’s very nice.


  3. Avan N. Cooverji June 13, 2018 — 8:59 am

    Mani, good to read your email. We have inquired about it in the past, but were told that there is strict segragation of men and women regarding lodgings, so thats it- theres no other way. If there was a decent hotel near by that would be wonderful but I have never heard or known about any such accomodation, but it needs to be very clean with attached bathroom and free of lizards as i have an absolute fear of them and so am always very wary about places . Anyway, Beloved Baba is with us everywhere and though I am 75 years old now , ,my family has been connected with Him and under His protection since I was a child of five. Good to read your posts and thank you.


  4. Avan Why don’t you try Meher Nazar at Lower meherabad where a couple can stay


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