Monthly Best: March 2017

March 2017 went by pretty fast I have to say. There was a lot of internal growth and introspection done on my part. I also got to know my local city a little better and started to see why people love it so much. But I am still dreading the summer heat + humidity and the mosquitoes that come with it. I’ll just have to deal with it. I was told (by a local friendly stranger waiting with me for the WC to become available at the brunch place) that there are lots of water activities people take part in to beat the heat. Unfortunately, I’m not a water activity person. Earth and air are more my jam. 

I also finally set up a workspace at home for myself with renewed inspiration. Oh! And most exciting of all this month (for me at least), is that I’m taking up a musical instrument. Always wanted to do that. Took lessons here and there, nothing ever came of it. I grew up in a musical family, both dad and brother are musicians, but my music connection was always dance. I guess my body was my instrument most of my life. Now, I’m trying out the mandolin. And I’m super happy and excited about it.

Now we’re starting April already. One of the best months of the year and not just because it’s my birthday month. I don’t even care for celebrating it much. I wonder what the rest of the year will bring.

And of course, below are the best posts of March, in case you missed any.

1. How To Love Travelling With A Medical Condition

2. From High-Roller Gaming to the Great Outdoors – Vancouver Has Something for Everyone

3. Planning The Ultimate North American Road Trip (Infographic)

4. Ultimate Ninh Binh Travel Guide – Where Kong: Skull Island Was Filmed

5. The Best Vacations in America for Sports Fans

6. 4 Ways To Live Stress-Free for a Healthier You

7. My Favourite Place in The World – Meherabad, India

And because February was a busy travel month and I skipped the “best of” post, here are the three most popular posts of that month:

My 7 Top Films of 2016

How to Beat Boredom During Travel

How To Order Coffee Around The World (Infographic)

Happy April!

What was the best part of your month?

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