7 Of The Best Street Art Cities In The World

Graffiti has a bad reputation, but remarkable street art is appearing in more and more cities. When done by skillful artists, street art really transforms and brings an area to life. Urban areas are commonly filled by these bright artistic creations. It may surprise you what are some of the best street art cities around the world.

Graffiti and street art is not always legal, which may be another reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular. Street artists always have a message to convey. Also, these splashes of artistic creation provide a glimpse into the local culture. These creations transform boring or dilapidated buildings into bright and meaningful messages.

Street art is also generating more tourism. With it, cities become outdoor art museums with free admission and are definitely an attraction people are interested to see and photograph.

One of the most notable street artists is Banksy. This English graffiti artist loves making a statement through political activism, satire, and dark humour.

While New York City, Los Angeles, and London are famous for their street art, check out 7 more unique cities with some of the best street art around the world.

1. Berlin, Germany

street art berlin

The west side of Berlin was famously covered with graffiti and since the demolition of the Berlin wall, street artists are still working their way to leave their mark on the walls of Eastern Berlin. In some of the oddest places you can find stencil art, spat painted tags, mural art, faces, eyes, and whatever else you can imagine.

2. Austin, Texas

hope outdoor gallery street art austin

In Austin, “the live music capital of the world”, street art is as varied as their music scene. And the local slogan: “Keep Austin Weird”, surely is conveyed in the street art as well. The simplest of images are some of the most popular and famous in this city.

For example, the “Hi, How Are You?” mural has been intact for over 20 years and features the drawing that Kurt Cobain wore on his t-shirt. And the simple “I Love You So Much” sprayed on the wall of Jo’s Coffee is another favourite for people to take a picture with and a popular engagement photoshoot spot.

And there’s also the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, a community graffiti paint park that you can climb up and see a view of Austin.

3. Mexico City

mexico-city urban art

Mexico City is the perfect canvas for talented street artists with a lot to say. Without a doubt one of the best street art cities. Murals, spray paint, stencils, tags, sketching markers, stickers, wheat paste, and more cover buildings, walls, and overpasses.

In this massive metropolis, you can find some of the best street art in the world created legally and illegally by both local and even international artists.

With a long historical background, since the post-revolution in the 1920s, the mural movement began as Mexico City embraced street art on its walls and nowadays we see a new movement exploding.

Graffiti in the Colonia Roma – Image credit to Gladysgara
Graffiti on construction panels on side of the Palacio de Bellas Artes – Image credit: AlejandroLinaresGarcia
Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico City – Image credit: AlejandroLinaresGarcia

4. Lodz, Poland

Image credit: Zorro2212

With the support and encouragement of the city of Lodz, massive street paintings are appearing around this Polish city. The Urban Forms Foundation has the goal to create cultural reinvigoration of the city and it’s working.

The project has attracted business, investment, and tourism. It’s improving the quality and aesthetics of the city, and these artistic creations as big as 10 stories tall are a sight to behold.

Image credit: Zorro2212
Image credit: Sicherlich

5. Valparaiso, Chile

graffiti-street art valparaiso chile

Valparaiso is a South American gem in the Pacific. A series of hillsides paint a landscape overlooking the sea. And this is another unique city you may not have imagined it has a vibrant street art scene.

The most visitor-friendly hills are Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción filled with galleries, restaurants, bars, hotels, and yes, street art. Locals and businesses have embraced these artistic creations and some of the best artists get paid for their work.

chile street art

Image credit: Rodrigo.olivares
Street art in Cerros Alegre y Concepción – Image credit: Sarah Stierch
Image credit: Rodrigo Fernández

6. Paris, France

street art paris france

There is so much to see in Paris. Art within the walls of famous museums of course, but also outside spanning across this stunning city. Paris definitely makes it to our best street art cities list.

Street art in Paris is very varied and unique, and each piece speaks a different message about life while subtly expressing secrets of the city. Very much poetic and sultry as the personality of the city itself.

Image via Flickr by Michaurel
Poésie – Image credit: Gilles Klein
Street art in Rue de l’Ourcq, Paris – Image credit: couscouschocolat

7. Lisbon, Portugal

portugal lisbon street art

Lisbon is another city which started off with lots of graffiti, but recent projects and movements have given a boost to stunning urban art around the city. This city is eye candy for those with an aesthetic eye.

A definite open-air museum, where you can go street art sightseeing through the historic streets of Lisbon, while enjoying the coastal breeze, and stopping at a cafe to eat egg tarts.

Image credit: Erdalito.
Crono Project – Image credit: Bosc d’Anjou
Image credit: Oren Rozen

These are just a few of the best street art cities around the world featuring amazing urban art.

How many of these have you visited? Did you explore the urban art around it?

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7 best street art cities in the world

5 thoughts on “7 Of The Best Street Art Cities In The World

  1. I want to visit them all! Street art is always my favourite thing to find in a new city 🙂


    1. I’ve seen your photography! 🙂


  2. I never would have thought of Paris as a *street* art city, but I definitely concur with you about Berlin, Lisbon, and Mexico City.


    1. I think street art is really picking up lately. And urban areas/big cities are the biggest “targets”. So, maybe Paris is pretty new at it 😉


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