Weekly Small Pleasures #110

It’s been a busy two weeks! Mom came to visit for 8 days and we were out and about all day every day till 6 or 7pm. I lead a relatively chill home life, so it was quite tiring but it was happy and rewarding times. We rented a car and we shared together breakfast tacos and lattes, homemade breakfast smoothies, Indian food, french macarons, big salads, movie theater popcorn… 

We also went to lots of stores, of course, did lots of shopping (we bought way more things for others than for ourselves.. including each other haha, we enjoy doing that more), and went to the movies twice. She even came with me to the chiropractor. And during the weekend, hubby joined us since work takes up most of his time.

Somehow I still managed to have clean laundry, work lunches, dinners, and make weekday early pre-work breakfasts for him.

I already covered happy times but here are several of the small pleasures from last week and part of the week before that.

1. Going to Barnes & Noble! This may sound silly but I rarely go, and everytime I go I think to myself I should really go more often and spend lots of time there. I love book stores. Last time I spent literally hours was at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. I love the atmosphere of them, and going through all the books, and discovering books that sound good, and almost always big book stores also have a coffee shop and I like that too.

I didn’t get to spend enough time though. I’ll definitely have to go back. Maybe next week if I’m asked “what do you want to do for your birthday?” I’ll say: “go to Barnes & Noble” haha. I’m serious too. The sad part is finding the time to read.

2. Lovely weather. I think April is totally one of if not the best month of the year. In big part because of the weather.

3. As mentioned: lots of fun, shopping, and yummy eats with mom around Austin. It was fun to go back to the San Marcos Outlets which we visited together from San Antonio over 15 years ago!

4. Finding a great chiropractor! I’ve been going to chiropractors for at least 13 years of my life. And because I move a lot, I’ve been to many different ones. Here in Austin alone I’ve seen five chiropractors in the last 7 months. Whoa, what? I just did some math. Has it really been almost 8 months since we moved here? Anyway, the fifth one was the charm. Very happy with the results.

5. Discovering a great coffee shop. Like bookstores, I love coffee shops, and bakeries. An introvert’s cliche much? And museums.  That too. Anyway. We accidentally came across a coffee shop that I loved instantly and the tea and pastries were outstanding. They have a nice tucked in outdoor seating area with lots of shady spots and the interior is very cool too.

Have a great week!

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