The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple

Travelling with your partner, your significant other, your love, is a great way to bond and create memories that will stay with you always. But it can also cause you two to argue, fight, disagree and make the trip more stressful than it should be. After all, you’re travelling to have fun and relax. There are a few simple tips and guidelines you can follow to make the best out of travelling as a couple.

Whether you’re going on a short weekend getaway or packing up your bags to visit several cities in Europe, there are some key things to remember to help the trip go smoothly.

Communication is the most important thing. If one of you is having a good time but the other one isn’t, it’s important to speak up and not keep your feelings bottled up. Communication is important from the beginning when you’re planning your trip. Once you’ve agreed to where you want to go, you might have different ideas of what to do once you’re there.

travel couple

Communication goes hand in hand with many other guidelines for travelling as a couple. Like coming up with a budget. Maybe one of you wants to rough it and stay at a hostel or a yurt and make room for other experiences like museum hopping, go zip lining in the rainforest, or going up the gondola and down the ski slopes. Or maybe one of you prefers to stay at a nicer more comfortable hotel and be frugal while exploring by eating street food or at the markets instead of splurging on meals.

And this brings me to a next point. Compromise. I big time believe in compromising. Some couples might find it hard to do so. Or maybe one of you is better at doing so, and therefore standing on the heavier side of the compromise scale. Unless you’re lucky and you always agree on what you want to do next, you’ll have to compromise so that you can both enjoy yourselves.

You could agree to each do your own thing sometimes, or be willing and open to take part in the other’s desired activity. It might surprise how much you enjoy it! And if you really don’t, try to stay positive and look at the bright side. There’s always one.

There are a few more key elements to follow for the best way of travelling as a couple. These include looking out for each other, sharing or agreeing on duties, avoiding hanger, and going on a date. Read more about these pointers on the infographic below:

The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple

The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple Infographic

[The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple – An infographic by the team at Citybase Apartments]

 Have you ever traveled with your significant other? Would you add any other tips to the list? 

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Couple

  1. We have done almost all of our traveling as a couple. Communication and flexibility are the two we rely on most. Also the ability to laugh rather than cry when things don’t go as planned.


    1. I think you nailed it down to the three most important things. 🙂


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