Monthly Best: April 2017

I feel like a lot happened in April but I can’t really pinpoint events out of the top of my head. I feel like I’m crashing from a long morning as I write this and I can’t think very well. I actually feel like I need a nap even though I don’t like naps, but I still have plenty to do in the next few hours.

April was interesting in my life. But here are a few interesting posts that you may have missed:

1. How to Plan the Best Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

2. 17 Answers to Questions You Have When Flying

17 answers to Questions When Flying

3. 7 Of The Best Street Art Cities In The World


4. 7 Things You Must Pack For A Trip to the Beach

5. Weekly Small Pleasures #110

weekly small pleasures 110

6. 13 Of The Scariest Airport Landings In the World

13 Of The Scariest Airport Landings In the World Infographic

7. 4 Useful Tips to Keep You Safe When You Travel

8. Aga Khan Palace in Pune – Gandhi’s Prison Home in India

Happy May!

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