41 Iconic Cakes and Biscuits In The UK

Of course, we know that a cup of tea or a “cuppa” is quintessential UK, and it’s the solution for every mood. Are you sad? Sick? Celebrating good news? How about a cuppa? And often, this warm cups of yumminess are accompanied with even more yumminess in the form of baked goods. Cakes and biscuits in the UK take all shapes and forms. They can also serve as a mid-afternoon snack, or something to satisfy that post-dinner sweet tooth. Different countries and regions in the UK have their iconic baked sweets. 

Of course, Scotland and Ireland have a few treats with whiskey or porter as part of the ingredients. Like Scotland’s “tipsy laird” which features whisky, raspberry, and cream. And Northern Ireland’s Whiskey Cake, featuring whiskey and lemon.

Scotland’s famous shortbread is one of my favourites. Finger licking good. And if sugary buttery goodness wasn’t indulgence enough, they also have caramel shortbread with caramel and chocolate. I’ve never tried that one, and it’s probably best if I don’t. I have a hard time already stopping myself from eating a whole box of Sottish plain shortbread.

tea biscuits

Over in Wales, we’ve got Welsh Cakes, made with flatbread and currants, and Bara Brith made with tea and dried fruit.

In North England, there is no shortage of options. Including the Liverpool Tart made with pastry and lemon, and Grasmere ginger shortbread.

And in South England, there is no shortage either. Where we’ve got the famous English scones, saffron cake, London buns, and Bath Buns, not for eating in the bath, but named after the city of Bath. But I won’t judge if you choose to eat them in the bath.

Many of these iconic biscuits and cakes include currants, sultanas, or some kind of dried fruit. And for those not familiar with UK talk, currants and sultanas are both a kind of raisin (black and golden respectively.)

India and Mexico aren’t the only ones with a big sweet tooth and lots of different traditional and non-traditional sweets and treats.

Check out the infographic below for a visual list of different cakes and biscuits according to the UK.

41 Iconic Cakes and Biscuits In The UK

41 Iconic Cakes and Biscuits In The UK infographic

[The UK according to cakes and biscuits, courtesy of holidaycottages.co.uk]

How many of these cakes and biscuits in the UK have you tried? Which is your favourite? And which ones would you love to try?

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  1. Scottish whisky doesn’t have an ‘e’ in it 🙂


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