Weekly Small Pleasures #113

Sometimes during the week, I get excited about some things and they end up being disappointing, not making it to my weekly small pleasures list. But often, there are other happy things that make up for it.

For example, I finally got around to watching the Netflix series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” based on a book series I used to love when I was younger. I was quite disappointed. The production was everything I’d like. The production was like a combination of a Wes Anderson and Tim Burton movie. I wanted to like it so bad, gave it a shot for a few episodes until I gave up. There was something just not right about it. It was boring and not enjoyable. I blame the writing (screenplay adaptation) and the casting.

Then, I found out that a Swedish band I discovered during my high school years and loved their Ode to Ochrasy album released a new album on Spotify since 2009! I was quite excited to listen to it, only to be quite disappointed by it. Basically, I didn’t like it at all. (Although I just googled it, and apparently they released albums on 2012 and 2014 also that I never heard. I wonder if they’re any good, but they’re not on Spotify.)

Anyway, onto the things that did not disappoint this week :)…

1. Waking up to fresh berries + sweet note.

Triple sweet. Last Wednesday it was one of those days when I woke up not feeling great physically, I was sore and had a headache and it took me a while to get out of bed. And when I did, I discovered fresh strawberries and blueberries and a sweet note on my nightstand from the hubby ❤ Now that’s the kind of thing that makes my day. Especially when it’s so rare. Aka, first time ever he does that.

2. Caffeine x2.

I know I repeat this one every now and then, but it’s always a pleasure. Especially because it’s not a habit. But having my English breakfast tea with some dark chocolate is always so lovely. And yes, dark chocolate contains caffeine.

3. The Amazing Race.

I don’t know about any other travelers and wanderlusters out there, but I’m an all-time The Amazing Race (the reality-adventure TV series) fan. Throughout time, I do believe I’ve seen every single season (29 of them). In fact, I always worry that one year they’ll stop showing it.

It doesn’t get the greatest ratings, having a pretty small niche of viewers, and CBS often prioritizes other things instead of it, sometimes skipping a week or even a whole season. (Normally there are two per year.)

Anyway, right now season 29 is on every Thursday, and we watch it every Friday night. I really enjoy watching it, and I’m even a bit sad when it’s over. I always want more.

4. Cooking inspiration.

I’ve been lacking cooking inspiration for a while. Only cooking things I’m used to, and not baking at all. This week, besides the usual meals, I baked brownies [without nuts] (for dessert), banana peanut butter muffins (for breakfast and snacking), and cornbread (to go with the chili) all from scratch and all in healthy variations. :p

5. Long solo walk by the river.

I try to go out every day for a walk and enjoy the riverside. Some days for some reason or another, I don’t. Last Thursday though, I made up for those days and walked further than usual. I did about a 45min walk. Not really sure how far I went in terms of distance.

6. Chocolate souffle!

This weekend, we ended up going to a new place for brunch. We decided to treat ourselves at a French bistro. And when we were done with food, the waiter said they had dark chocolate souffle. It would take 20 minutes, but we had nowhere else to be. So we said yes! Plus, if done right, chocolate souffle is one of my favourite things ever. This particular one was undercooked, but I refused to not enjoy it anyway.

Have a great week!

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