Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

Are you bored with your everyday life and would you like to do something exciting and energizing? Are you planning to do something adventurous? Want to go fishing in an exotic destination? Going fishing in Hawaii just might be what you need. Below I’ll tell you about the best secret fishing destinations is Hawaii. 

Anybody with a pole can fish on the Hawaiian shore without a saltwater fishing license. This adds to the reasons you can enjoy fishing in Hawaii. So what you are waiting for? Grab your pole and a tackle box, pick live bait, and start heading towards the ocean.

Regulations are mostly applied for the spearfishing, freshwater fishing and for selling fish if you catch them. But these are for the restricted areas that need permission. But if you are fishing on Hawaii shores then you can catch ulua, barracuda, ladyfish, bonefish, mullet, bluefin trevally, snapper, hook minnows, peacock grouper, unicorn fish and sharks.

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

1. Makena Landing, Maui

The Makena Landing in Maui s an ideal cove to set your kayak in motion. Makena Landing is also popular for fishing, snorkeling, and shore dives. If you plan to fish from your kayak, the Makena landing is the best spot. And for a better chance to catch some fish, check out these top kayak fish finder ultimate reviews.

Here you will find mullet fish in large numbers. Fishing gives you one of the best pleasures but can also be a challenge in salt water fishing. However, you’ll get to enjoy one of the tastiest delicacies offered by the sea.

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

Yes, mouth-watering mullet fish. They are tough fish to catch, but well worth it. Once you taste the mullet you might never go back.

But you might wonder why most people don’t love to eat them? In most places, they are bait fish, which are used to fish for pleasure but not to enjoy them afterward. I think that there are three reasons why.

Mullet is like a catfish; most locals will term them bottom-feeders. If you hard press them I don’t think anybody will give you a clear or a perfect explanation of what they mean by this term.

Basically, Mullets eat whatever they can, they depend upon organic detritus, nibbling plants and also, they tease the occasional invertebrate. Have you ever seen how they treat some chicken in farms? Fishing for mullet becomes a far better option after you see them, believe me.

But the net which is used to catch them is one of the turn offs in many folk’s eyes.

2. KaenaPoint, Oahu

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

Fishing is more than just a hobby for many of you. With more than 112 miles of coastline, Oahu has many fishing opportunities for the novice, skilled and experienced fishers alike.

Secluded Kaena Point, which you can reach with your four wheeler drive or by foot is a popular spot where you can catch the ulua and other deep water fish.

3. Anahola Bay & River, Kauai

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

You can find plentiful of fishing at Anahola Bay & River, Kauai which merges into the bay. You have to follow the dirt road past the park to the end and then the signs will take you the rest of the way to the point.

It will be an advantage if you plan to go early morning or late in the evening when it is less crowded and you can enjoy yourself more. Those are also the times when you can find a variety of fish and catch more of it.

4. Southpoint, Big Island

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

The South Point, Big island destination is one of the most popular spots for fishing in Hawaii and it is at the southernmost point in the United states. Ka Lae is a junction merging just offshore making the south point full of red snapper ulua.

It is heavily secluded and so it is quite polluted and hence it is a threat to wildlife. When you plan fishing you must remember that you should follow some regulation that won’t affect the flora and fauna.

5. Kona Coast, Big Island

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

After the four fishery management zones, the southwest coast of Hawaii is an amazing spot to do some fishing. But you have to note that it is reserved for your consumption only and collecting them for your aquarium is prohibited.

6. Pearl Harbor, Oahu

Reports say that the Samoan crabs, as well as ladyfish, greenjack and also colorful goatfish are found in Pearl Harbor. Consider fishing at Pearl Harbor for the best place to enjoy some fish. You will also find recreational boating, and the fishing foundation who advise fishing underneath the rock to attract fish.

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

Now I’ll give you some insights if you are planning to do fishing at Pearl Harbor. The ladyfish can be caught on the surface lures, diving lures, or with a shoelace tied to a hook, that hits the bait with a pressure of jet in flight, runs all around the boat then catch. Also, ladyfish can sometimes be found by watching the many birds diving in the water.

The ladyfish is by far one of the most exciting fish onshore to catch. When was the last time you hooked a ladyfish? How many have you caught? So, don’t you feel that this is the perfect fish to catch? And that flesh of ladyfish can’t be compared to any other fish. Once you’ve hooked one you will know. It is solid mullet and the meat is fairly white and quite interesting. Ladyfish are becoming popular inshore to be hooked.

7) Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

At Nawiliwili Harbor, it is banned to use a net trap more than three feet wide in the bay. But if you take a drive from Lihue airport, it is a famous spot for shoreline fishing as well as hooking a fishing charter to find the open waters of the Pacific.

8) Lahaina Beach, Maui

The Lahaina is not known for a variety of fish like the triggerfish, parrotfish, and the occasional needlefish; still, it is a famous place for fishing in Hawaii where you can access a fishing spot especially at night time.

Top 8 Destinations For Fishing In Hawaii

Benefits of fishing

· It is a recreational activity

· You are away from work

· Can spend time with nature

· Taste the delicious gifts from the ocean

· You can see ample of varieties and you can enjoy the taste of fish sitting on a beach


I hope that you will enjoy your adventure for fishing at different locations in Hawaii. Hawaii is the perfect place for recreation and to taste the delicacies that you receive as a beautiful gift from mother ocean. And it is the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature and escape from the busy lifestyle that makes your life monotonous.

You will rejoice the beautiful scenery and see different types of deep fish including sharks. So, get excited to see these wild fish and enjoy your adventurous trip fishing in Hawaii.

What is your favorite activity in Hawaii? What is your favorite place to go fishing in Hawaii and around the world?


Author Bio:
Hi there, I’m Louella Trump from, an adventurous lady who loves exploring our beautiful nature by traveling and fishing. I write so as to share my passion and experiences with fellow readers who enjoy fishing and traveling as one of their recreational activities. My primary objective in sharing my experiences while traveling and fishing is to basically inspire any like-minded person out there to stop at nothing and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they explore their passion as much as they can.

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