Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around The World

It seems that the world can’t function without having some caffeine one way or another. Whether it be strong with a cup of coffee, or a bit more mild with a cup of tea, or even some very dark chocolate, our brains have become dependent on this substance. On the other hand, traveling by air has also become more and more common in the last few decades. So, it would make sense that airlines offer caffeine to passengers. Luckily, it’s not one of the things they charge for. But what kind of coffee can you expect from airlines around the world?

Caffeine affects the central nervous system and it’s addicting. In fact, it’s the world’s most commonly consumed legal psychoactive drug. Depending on how much and in what way you consume it, it can be beneficial or harmful to the body. For example, coffee has a lot of benefits, but if you have yours with a ton of cheap milk and processed sugar, then the benefits would probably be outweighed by the additional harmful substances.

So what to expect when you’re traveling by air? Some airlines offer local brands, while others have well-known ones. Some stay completely traditional like Turkish Airlines serving traditional Turkish coffee. And some offer different options whether you’re flying Economy or Business class. Like FlyDubai which offers Starbucks to economy class passengers, and Nespresso in Business class.

If you’re flying on a newer plane of the Australian airline Qantas, you have different coffee shop style options like short black, flat white, or a latte. And Singapore Airlines offers premium single origin Illy coffee.

If you’re a coffee drinker, the infographic below will be useful to know what to expect when you fly.

Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around the World

[Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around the World [Infographic] by the coffee experts at DrippedCoffee]

Based on what kind of coffee they serve, which airlines would you prefer to fly?

2 thoughts on “Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around The World

  1. That’s actually a really cool post. I think I’d go with Delta (Starbucks) and Lufthansa (Nespresso) – just because I also have made rather good experiences with these airlines. Emirates sounds good too; I like Costa coffee, drank it a lot when I lived in London (UK) for a year. Thanks for putting this together. Best from San Diego! – Julia


    1. Delta and Lufthansa used to be the airlines I flew the most over a decade ago. Haven’t flown with either in years. And I hear Emirates is really great. Have a wonderful day in San Diego! Wish I had your weather.


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