8 Best Things to Do in Cambridge, MA

Boston’s little brother, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to historic landmarks, outstanding museums, performing arts, prominent universities, and lively squares. This dynamic city in the Northeast United States is beautifully spread out along the Charles River. After checking into your ideal hotel, here are the eight best things to do in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1. MIT Museum

People from all over the world visit the MIT Museum, which is conveniently located in the lively Central Square Cultural District. They visit for its temporary and permanent exhibitions on science, technology, history, holography, robotics, kinetic art, and more. Also, the grand Mark Epstein Innovation Gallery showcases the most recent developments in technology at MIT.

2. Harvard Art Museums

On Quincy Street, the Harvard Art Museums consist of the Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M. Sackler museums. Recently united in a renovated state-of-the-art building, these museums boast collections of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and prints from around the world dating from the Middle Ages to the present. Additionally, the Calderwood Courtyard offers great views within the building and access to the newest amenities, including a shop, a café, and the Lightbox Gallery.

3. Charles River

Charles River Cambridge MA
Image via Flickr by JustinJensen

Explore the tree-lined Charles River on a riverboat or by foot, or you can bike along the river. Several riverboat tours offer the best views of the basin and Boston Harbor while teaching you about the rich maritime history. Some tours offer views of popular landmarks like Beacon Hill and Harvard University. Or you could opt to take a sunset cruise and glimpse stunning views of the Boston Harbor skyline.

4. Hang Out in Lively Squares

Harvard Square Cambridge MA
Image via Flickr by EandJsFilmCrew

Harvard Square is the business and historic hub of Cambridge. Adjacent to Harvard Yard, which is the center of Harvard University, the square offers opportunities for professionals and students alike. Surrounded by bookstores, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and shops, Harvard Square is the complete hangout spot.

You can also visit Kendall Square. With its proximity to MIT, this hangout spot is very innovative and has lots of places to drink and eat.

5. Café ArtScience

When you’re ready for a memorable food and drink break, head out to Café ArtScience in Kendall Square. Both an art and science innovation center and a restaurant, this spot offers experiments on French food in a futuristic space. The “food lab” is a creation of David Edwards, a Harvard professor of biomedical engineering. Here, you can try things like inhaling coffee rather than drinking it and edible “skin” for serving everything from water to ice cream.

6. The Brattle Theatre

This small movie theater is a film lover’s “cinema paradiso.” Located in Harvard Square, this renovated repertory theater dates back to 1890 and has only one screen, yet it’s been showing movies since 1953. Here, you can enjoy the best of independent, classic, art house, and foreign films.

7. The Hahvahd Tour

Harvard Cambridge MA
Image via Flickr by Will Hart

“Hahvahd” is how locals pronounce “Harvard” in Cambridge. The tour is an entertaining 70-minute guided walk through the Harvard University campus. The tour is led by Harvard students, who script the tours as theatrical performances with various themes from insider information to Harvard history.

8. The American Repertory Theatre

The American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge is a nonprofit professional theater company worth checking out. Founded in 1980, it’s still an important theater in the U.S. today. It’s won many awards and presents new American dramas and musicals, new interpretations of classics, interactive murder mysteries, and more.

With all these wonderful options, your trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts, is in place.

[Featured image by Mulad]

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