The Best Alternative Attractions In Europe

If you visit Rome, checking out the Colosseum, no matter how touristy, is a must. The same goes to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But, there are other lesser known attractions in these and other popular European cities worth a visit. Check out the visual guide below to the best alternative attractions in Europe.

I admit to visiting some of the most touristy places when in Europe. In Italy, I definitely checked out the Roman Colosseum, and the amazing views from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I also went to see the Big Ben in London and the Acropolis in Athens. While these places were of course crowded with tourists, I don’t regret visiting them, and they truly give out great photo-ops. Why is it that we all hate tourists, but we also are tourists, whether we like it or not?

But all of these cities have other wonderful attractions to offer; worth a visit, a photo, and a story to tell.

Apart from the common sights, I also love checking out lesser-known attractions and places where the locals like to go. This way you get a better sense of the culture of a country, which fascinates me, and it’s one of the reasons I love travelling. It’s also fun exploring the rural places surrounding the big cities.

Some of the best travel stories and memories come from exploring the off beaten path. But in all honesty, some of the worst can too. But those make even better stories if everyone comes out safely in the end! 😉

Check out the infographic below to some of the best alternative attractions in 7 cities across Europe. Don’t worry, none of these are too off the beaten path.

The Best Alternative Attractions in Europe – An infographic by the team at Citybase Apartments

What are some unique attractions in Europe you have visited?

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