7 Online Jobs You Can Do For Extra Money

The Internet has made it possible nowadays to work at home or from practically any place with a computer and an online connection. Ideal to enjoy the atmosphere of your favourite coffee shop or at a B&B with a view of the ocean. It’s not that difficult to get into an Internet gig, but before you take the plunge, it’s best to do your homework first. There are a lot of online jobs to choose from. You’ll want to consider whether your skills are suited for the work involved. Here are some of the more popular jobs on the web right now.

Online Tutor

Have the knowledge and patience to teach? Get into online tutoring. Agencies like Tutor.com and WyzAnt are platforms that allow users to make a living as an online teacher. Choose the subject matter you’re most comfortable teaching and it’s highly likely that you’ll do well at it.

Data Entry

A data-entry clerk may not be the most glamorous online job out there, but it does pay the bills. A benefit to working in the data entry field is that you’ll never run out of work. You also don’t need a lot of skills or experience to get into it. VirtualBee and Clickworker are some of the popular sites that facilitate this type of work.

Niche Blogger

Blogging about something you’re passionate about can be a potential source of online income. If you gain a big enough audience, you can make money off the blog’s traffic via advertising and sponsored content. You’ll have to invest time and effort to create quality posts so you can attract a lot of readers. Marketing your blog is also a crucial task since you’re competing in an era where almost everyone has a blog.

Freelance Writer

writing laptop

Going into freelance writing can be a flexible and lucrative online job, especially when you can create quality articles on niche and specialized topics. There is a multitude of sites that can help you jump start your online writing gig. Listverse is a site that specializes in lists, so head over there if you’re great at making them.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re savvy with your time, organized with your work, and can easily communicate with others, then you are a natural fit to be a virtual assistant. Businesses and sometimes individuals need help doing a wide variety of tasks. That’s where you come in and get paid as a “VA”. Zirtual is a popular destination for aspiring and seasoned virtual assistants.

Online Seller

E-commerce platforms can easily help you become an online entrepreneur. A great way to get started is to sell your used clothes and goods. You can create an online clothing shop using services like Shopify. In no time, you’ll be on your way to making cash while clearing out your closet.

Social Media Handler

social media

Companies and businesses sometimes need managers to maintain their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. If you are already good at using these platforms, then you can apply as a social media handler. Remember that you’re working as the face and voice of the company, so always maintain a professional work attitude when interacting with the followers.

There are plenty of ways to make money online. Assess your skills and interests, and evaluate all the online jobs that fit your needs. If you’re not keen on working as an online employee, you can always become an online entrepreneur and use crowdfunding for your business idea.

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