3 Affordable Destinations That Will Broaden Your Horizons

As much as you may love traveling, there is no denying it comes with a price- often, a price so steep that you can’t travel as often as you would like. The airfare, the hotel, eating and drinking while you’re there; the cost can quickly spiral out of control. If you want to travel but have a limited budget, it’s important to remember that you’re not limited in your choice of destination. There are many affordable destinations to consider that won’t break the bank.

Many people assume that, due to financial constraints, they won’t be able to travel far. This isn’t necessarily the case. To prove the point, below are three destinations that will broaden your horizons. You will have to pay the cost of a flight, but you should be able to get a good deal. And once there, you should find hotel, food, and attractions are more than suitable for even the most restricted of budgets.



Thailand is a haven for backpackers. Given that backpackers rarely have a huge amount of money to spend, it makes sense to consider it as a low-budget destination. The cost of accommodation here is very favorable, especially if you don’t mind opting for hostels.

There are many activities in Thailand to make your trip a memorable one. As G Adventures detail, there’s plenty to see and do in this stunning country, and little of it will cost you very much. Food is very reasonably-priced provided you’re happy to eat local cuisine rather than more expensive imports. Local Thai food shouldn’t be missed. And transportation is so cheap you won’t hesitate to take an hour’s bus ride for a day trip while you’re there.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka beach

The World Economic Forum says Sri Lanka is the most affordable destination in the world, so it’s well worth considering if finances are a concern. If you do visit Sri Lanka, it won’t disappoint. As India’s little sister, the country is absolutely beautiful, rich in history and culture, and the coast offers the chance for whale-watching and sea fishing.

Accommodation is, as you would expect, pleasantly affordable if you avoid the luxury end of the market. Cheaper hotels won’t cost a fortune and will offer a pleasant stay with all the necessities that you would expect. Food is often included, but even if it isn’t it won’t stress your budget too much to eat out for every meal.


Russia Moscow

If you would prefer to take an affordable trip to Europe, then the West side of Russia is a great option, just scraping the top ten of the most affordable places to visit. In fact, it’s the only destination in Europe to make the top 20.

So while Russia may be a little more expensive than Sri Lanka and Thailand, you’re still going to get value for money if you choose to venture here. Saint Peterburg is one of my favourite places I’ve been to. The culture of Russia is fascinating and there is plenty to do. A visit to the Hermitage Museum alone would make your trip worth it. Even simply taking the metro is a fun experience.

The history of Russia is rich and storied, and there are many different landscapes to choose from. While most of us picture Russia as a snow-covered wilderness, it has plenty of warm, sandy beaches; or you can head to Siberia for a winter holiday that won’t cost you a fortune.

Travelling when your budget is restricted is tough, but as the above affordable destinations show, it’s not impossible. Head for one of these three countries and you’ll be pleasantly surprised their value.

What other affordable destination do you recommend?

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