4 Fashionable Things to Pack for a Winter Destination

Most people plan trips during the warmer months but if you’re taking a trip during winter, you’ll have to think differently how you pack. But if you’re heading to London, Milan, or Australia for winter don’t discard that bathing suit. There’s nothing like https://www.globosurfer.com/best-inflatable-hot-tubs/ or jacuzzi during winter if your hotel or Airbnb has one. Covering up in warm clothing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a sense of fashion. There are several both useful and fashionable things you can pack for your next winter destination.

Winter clothing can take up space but there are ways to be smart about what to pack. Most people try to wear layers of bulky clothing to stay warm but while layering might make you warm, it will also make you look 10 – 20 pounds heavier and so will your suitcase. You don’t want to be paying a fee for going over the limit!

For many people, especially women, packing for winter can be very problematic. Below are a few tips on what to pack to help you keep warm in the winter while being fashion forward.

Warm Accessories

winter fashion men

The easiest way to perk up a winter outfit is by accessorizing. Brighten up your clothes with a colourful accessory like a scarf, shawl, or a hat. These accessories will help to draw attention away from your body and will also keep your neck and head warm, which conduct heat to the rest of your body.

I’m obsessed with scarfs and have a whole bunch of them. It’s also a cool item to collect from around your travels as a useful souvenir! For very cold places, choose a long scarf like a pashmina. It will allow you to wrap it several times around your neck and also to tie it in several different ways.

winter fashion women

Pro tip: bring it with you on the plane. It works great as a blanket too.

If you plan to bring only one or two scarves, then go for a simple colour scheme to allow you to pair it with many outfits. Conversely, if you bring mostly neutral coloured clothing, bring a colorful scarf to add pop and cheer to otherwise gloomy winter weather.

Warm fabrics

Mirror Lake Trail WInter

Wool is a magical fabric. It can keep you very warm when it’s cold and cool enough when it isn’t so much. You don’t have to pack your bulky Peruvian wool sweater (like the one I’m wearing above), there is wool clothing that isn’t bulky. For example, cashmere wool can be pricey but it’s a great investment for your wardrobe. It will last you very long and it’s so soft and warm and won’t take much space in your suitcase. You can also look for specialty thermal synthetics rather than linen or cotton.

You know what is surprisingly warm too? Fleece. I love my fleece jacket. But it definitely gives out a more casual/sporty – less chic, look. You can also look for fleece-lined items, from sweaters to leggings, and gloves.

By wearing warmer fabrics, you won’t need to layer and you’ll save space in your suitcase.


Winter fashion

Gloves are an underrated item to ensure you stay warm. They come in so many different colours and fabrics to suit your own personal style and help you look chic and cozy. You’ll find many fashionable Italians opting for leather gloves. Some can be worn every day while others can be worn for the evening such as shawls and wraps. And some are waterproof if you plan to play with the snow.

On an evening out, temperatures drop significantly so you’ll want to be covering almost every part of your body.


Ladies, don’t think you can’t wear a dress during winter. Pair it with a coat, scarf, and gloves, and tights underneath, then grab those heeled boots out. You’ll look winter chic and stay perfectly warm. Perfect for a date night out. You can remove your coat when you are indoors.

You can get tights as warm as you like, from cotton, to wool. Or you can wear regular tights and pair them with warm boot socks.

Alternatively, a simple throw-over or lightweight wool cardigan can be worn over the dress or outfit to prevent you from getting cold when pub crawling.

Now you’re ready to go shopping for some winter fashion essentials.

What is your favourite item to pack for a winter destination?

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