The Best Posts of 2017

What a year! I think that whether it was a good or bad year or a combo, it was a big one for most people. For me it was a combo. But probably the biggest event so far in my life happened in 2017, which was becoming a mom. That in itself brought highs and lows for many months, pre and post-birth. What a journey it’s been. One other mom of four described motherhood in two words: sacrifice and joy, and I think it’s pretty fitting. 

This year we also moved. Again. (That’s about the tenth time we move in less than 10 years). I also began a new hobby, learning to play an instrument (the mandolin), and which has been hard to keep up since baby girl was born.

And I went through a lot emotionally and spiritually. My character, my perspective changed. I’d say I grew as a person. And I’m determined to make this a permanent and evolving change. I want to keep becoming a better person – a strong, kind, honest, moral, giving, compassionate, unselfish, patient person.

2017 was big. And I’m feeling very positive about 2018. I know a lot is in store, but I feel optimistic. I’m curious and even looking forward to it, whatever it is. Pretty sure it’ll include another move haha.

Anywho, I wish you a great 2018! And here are the best posts on the blog of 2017…

1. 7 Of The Best Street Art Cities In The World

2. Big (little) News!

3. Life Update – Baby Girl Is Here

4. The World’s 12 Most Amazing Train Journeys

5. How to Plan the Best Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

6. 25 Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight

7. 7 Things You Must Pack For A Trip to the Beach

8. 17 Answers to Questions You Have When Flying

9. 4 Things Americans Get Wrong When Travelling Internationally

10. Aga Khan Palace in Pune – Gandhi’s Prison Home in India

What was a memorable moment in 2017 for you?

2 thoughts on “The Best Posts of 2017

  1. I think going to Vancouver to see my brother who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years and not since he had a stroke was a highlight. And also see my other brother come through a serious illness. A more personal highlight was spending my husband’s birthday on a little island in Fiji. All the very best for 2018! And I’ll be returning to small pleasures posts after the holidays.


    1. Sounds like memorable moments in different ways for sure. All the best to you too. And I hope to get back to the small pleasures soon too!


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