Monthly Best: May 2017

Monthly Best: May 2017
May 2017 marked the month when it officially became a bit too hot for my taste here in Austin. But at the same time, we had several thunderstorms, which is pretty cool. I also started baking again, which is kind of bad timing because it's hot out and turning up the oven is not ideal. (more…)

Monthly Best: April 2017

Monthly Best: April 2017
I feel like a lot happened in April but I can't really pinpoint events out of the top of my head. I feel like I'm crashing from a long morning as I write this and I can't think very well. I actually feel like I need a nap even though I don't like naps, but I still have plenty to do in the next few hours. April was interesting in my life. But here are

Monthly Best: March 2017

Monthly Best: March 2017
March 2017 went by pretty fast I have to say. There was a lot of internal growth and introspection done on my part. I also got to know my local city a little better and started to see why people love it so much. But I am still dreading the summer heat + humidity and the mosquitoes that come with it. I'll just have to deal with it. I was told (by a local friendly stranger waiting

Monthly Best Of: November 2016

November. How was November? Let me try to remember... It was pretty routine. Cook, clean, work, physical therapy, shop, repeat. I did go to the movies several times, which is nice. I also attended a few parties and gatherings, which is actually not the norm in my life. There was definitely some stress from that, and some enjoyable moments. It also finally cooled down (the weather I mean), which is great. 2016 is almost over

Monthly Best Of: October 2016

Is it just me, or did October FLY by? Can you believe it's November already? I especially can't because it is frickin' 87 degrees here. I'm hoping November flies by too because I'm really looking forward to December. Below are the best posts of the month, in case you missed any: (more…)

Monthly Best Of: September 2016

Interesting month. Moved into a new apartment, settled into a new city, started some new classes... Hurdled over a ton of life's obstacles. Tough track. It's been a crazy year, definitely is crowned one of my most intense ones of my life, and I feel like the year is going to continue to be crazy until the end. I'm curious to see what October, November, and December bring, hopefully more good than bad things.  (more…)

Monthly Best of: August 2016

Crazy month. Mostly because up until about 2 weeks before the end of our apartment lease in Utah we found out we were moving to Texas. Stress and anxiety levels increased quickly. Then it was all getting down to business. Dealing with a cross-country move is a lot.   (more…)

Monthly Best of: July 2016

Holy sh*t what a month. Just me? I'm still kinda in shock about it all. Still dealing with aftermath, still dealing with new changes, still dealing with new feelings, new thoughts. Still wondering, still waiting. Still hoping, still trying to fix things, still trying to hold on, still not forgetting, still learning. I'm exhausted just typing and thinking about it. (more…)

Monthly Best of: June 2016

June came and went... Is it just me or time is passing by quite fast lately? Not much out of the ordinary happened, went through my usual routine, a bit of nature and city exploration here and there, lots of movie watching... oh and it seems like the global economy is collapsing cause you know, the UK bailed on the EU. So there's that... I hope you had a nice June and you have an

Monthly Best Of: May 2016

May went by crazy fast for me. But that's what happens when you're enjoying yourself, isn't it? Even though I definitely had some rough days, physically and emotionally, I had an overall very happy month with genuine happiness brought not by materialism (although there were a few of those moments, by doing some of my favorite things). I even found myself singing out loud outside with no music playing except for in my head. You