8 Top Cities Around the World for Working Remotely

If you’re interested or curious about the idea of working remotely check out the infographic below for the top cities for working remotely. Find out which city has the fastest internet in the world (you’ll be surprised), which offer lots of coworking spaces and cafes, and which are very affordable and culturally rich. 

The current generation of young adults (millennials) seek a more balanced lifestyle of work and play. The idea of being able to work remotely or from home is ideal. If possible, a 9-5 office job is avoided and a life of travel or living abroad is more appealing. But we still gotta make money but there are several ways to make money while traveling.

You can choose to stay in your hometown and try working from home, or you can broaden your horizons and immerse yourself in a new culture. But if you are wanting to live in a new city across the world and work from there, how do you pick the best choice? Will they have a fast internet connection? Is it affordable? Is it expat friendly? There are several great cities around the world that accommodate remote workers.

Chiang Mai coffee working remotely

For example, Forbes has named Chiang Mai, Thailand the top city for remote workers. This is based on cost of living, safety, internet connection and overall quality of life. Chiang Mai is the location for those with wanderlust as it blends the perfect combination of ancient culture, modern infrastructure, beautiful natural landscapes, and famous cuisine.

Budapest, Hungary is another great choice with its proximity to other European countries and very affordable cost of living. Budapest also is a great cultural spot, with lots of history, architecture, nightlife, and even shopping. I can vouch for that. Budapest, is one of the locations that have (pleasantly) surprised me the most on my travels.

If you’re into staring at the ocean from your office, Playa del Carmen, Mexico can offer you just that. You can escape the spring break crowd from nearby Cancun, and instead enjoy the locals and the many remote workers that fell in love with the beaches, charm, and off-hours activities. Mexico holds a place in my heart, so I also vouch for it.

But the list doesn’t stop there.

Check out the below infographic for 8 of the top cities in the world to work remotely.

Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018

[Infographic by Venture with Impact]

Would you consider moving to a completely new city and working remotely? Which of these cities sounds the most appealing to you?

3 thoughts on “8 Top Cities Around the World for Working Remotely

  1. Oh gosh, I’d love to work remotely. All of these places sound great, but I think either Portugal or Colorado would be at the top of my list, followed right after with Budapest.


    1. Those would actually be my top 2 from the list as well! I guess both Europe and the mountains sound good to us 🙂


  2. Would love to live in Lisbon, Seoul (cost of living notwithstanding), or Medellin, Now I just need a job that supports the work-remotely lifestyle!


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