Weekly Small Pleasures #130

This week was a bit rough because baby didn’t sleep much during the day and woke up several times at night leaving me rushing to do chores all week but the week definitely brought some happy moments including some with baby. Motherhood definitely has its highs and lows but the highs make the lows worth it. 

1. Lovely Sunday (last weekend)

Going out for lunch at a French restaurant, perfect weather, delicious tea, baby always great, local chocolates, and super bowl.

2. Tea and chocolate

I don’t often get a chance to enjoy a hot cup of tea at home because I’m either holding a baby or busy getting chores done. So every time I get to sit and enjoy my English breakfast tea with a side of dark chocolate, it’s always a pleasure.

3. Grocery delivery

This commodity is SO helpful being a new mom. Every week since she was born, I’ve been ordering groceries online and it’s a great help.

4. The Amazing Race

Been watching the newest season of this TV show. Pretty sure I’ve watched all 30 seasons. Love it. Major wanderlust when I watch it.

5. Baby and me walks

We go out for a walk every day now. Unless it’s really cold. And it’s a really enjoyable part of our day.

6. Winter Olympics

Also been enjoying watching a bit of the Olympics when I get a chance. Especially the figure skating, my favourite. And anything skiing.

7. Laughing baby

A few weeks ago a toy fell on my head and Naja cracked up. So, yesterday I thought I’d test that and threw her ducky on my head multiple times. It worked. She cracked up. Then I realized I could just drop the ducky anywhere not necessarily on my head, and she still found it hilarious. A laughing baby is the best thing ever.

Note: the filming is terrible because I had to be stealthy with the phone, otherwise she would’ve gotten distracted and looked at the phone instead.


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Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #130

  1. Laughing babies and Olympic figure skating are the best!!


    1. Yes! haha so a great week for me :p


  2. Tea and chocolate 🙂 Naja is really growing fast!


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