A Traditional Day in 7 Different Places Around The world

When touching foreign lands, our first response is to visit the talked-about popular places of our destination. And while that may be inevitable and worth it, we mustn’t neglect the idea of going where the locals go. Exploring a new place like the locals do, is the best way to really immerse yourself in the culture. Have you ever thought about following the day on the life of a local? Below, you’ll learn what a traditional day looks like in 7 different parts around the world from India to New Zealand. 

1. Assam, India

A Traditional Day in Assam, India

Assam is the land of black tea leaves in northeast, India, and a popular export throughout the world, it takes a lot of people to harvest them. So what do all these people do during the day? In rural areas, they often start the day with a fueling breakfast of jolpan, a combination of cream, rice, and jaggery. Next, they most often take their bicycle to work where much of the day is spent.

During the lunch break, there’s a communal time to enjoy some curry. To unwind at the end of the day, watching a Bollywood movie does the trick. Dinner is probably masor tenga (fish curry). If we stick to a traditional day, bedtime consists of rolling blankets on the floor.

2. Himalayas, Nepal

A Traditional Day in Himalayas, Nepal

The Himalayas have no shortage of visitors and these visitors often need guidance up the stunning mountains. This is where the Sherpa mountaineers come in. Some of the most famous mountaineers, they are very tough. Culture varies amongst the average Nepalese but breakfast and lunch are not too different. Dal bhat (rice and lentil stew) is a common dish.

Their tough work leads them to spend most day on foot, mostly guiding other mountaineers and climbers on expeditions. An important element in their traditional lives is cham (masked dance) that comes from their Buddhist heritage. To end the day, shakpa (potato stew) will fill their tummies. And then it’s time for bed on colorful blankets on a platform bed.

3. Seoul, South Korea

A Traditional Day in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a bustling city, and it’s just as busy for the many local high schoolers. To begin the day, they fill up on soup and rice with banchan (sides) and then hop on the bus to get to school. The day is long spent studying and preparing for college exams. For lunch, a nutritious meal of rice, kimchi, and vegetables keeps them going.

After a short break for dinner and playing video games, many head to the hagwon where they continue studies and revision. Finally ready to snooze, they’ll lie down on a yo, or padded floor mattress.

4. Silicon Valley, California (USA)

A Traditional Day in Silicon Valley, California (USA)

Silicon Valley is IT city, so you would probably come across many software and web developers. The local mindset is to keep balance and wellbeing. So the day often starts with a nutritious smoothie. The commute to work is typically via a car. Then many hours are spent coding, programming, and developing.

For lunch, multiculturalism comes into place, and a big fat and delicious burrito is a common way to keep the day going. After spending many hours in front of the screen, fitting it a workout at the end of the day is a favourite way to unwind. There are always plenty of networking events in the evening for making connections and finding opportunities.

5. Venice, Italy

A Traditional Day in Venice

Like in the Himalayas, most of the work in Venice is there thanks to tourists. In Venice, we have the gondoliers enchanting tourists across Venitian waters. Their distinctive appearance with striped shirts and Italian hats, the gondolier is an icon of Venice. They begin the day in a very Italian way, a simple cappuccino will do and then off to work rowing tourists and locals across the canals.

Lunch is typically black squid risotto. At the end of the day, the typical way to unwind is to sit back and enjoy watching a game of soccer. Dinner again includes seafood, commonly having dried cod and polenta.

6. Wanaka, New Zealand

A Traditional Day in Wanaka

Wanaka is known for some of the best skiing slopes in the country. So, many ski instructors live in the area. A simple breakfast of cereal, toast, and coffee gets them started for a day teaching people of all ages how to ski. Lunch seems to come quickly where steak and bacon pie is enjoyed. Since the area is perfect for many outdoor activities, it doesn’t stop at skiing and many decide to do some mountain biking later during their free time.

In the evening, meeting friends for beers at the local bar is a favourite way to unwind.

7. Siorapaluk, Greenland

A Traditional Day in Siorapaluk, Greenland

In Greenland’s northernmost Inuit community, some still lead their lives as hunters. Breakfast is commonly dried fish. The best way to transport across the snow and ice is via dog-sledding. When lunch comes, seal meat is probably on the menu. Often from the hunters themselves. During summer, there’s lots of free time with kayaking being a typical sport.

For dinner, suaasat (seal or reindeer meat stew) is often on the table. Beds in traditional homes are platforms with blankets.

What does your traditional day look like?

[Graphic Images from Expedia.ca]

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