Fareground Austin – A Foodie’s Playground

Fareground is Austin’s foodie playground. It’s a gourmet (but affordable) food court, or food hall as they call it with not too many options but the perfect range of food to satiate any craving. Sushi, burgers, tacos, pastries, cheese sandwiches, ramen, brunch items, wine, beer, matcha lattes… All perfectly curated with some of Austin’s best restaurants and chefs offering food for your precious palate.

I’ve been wanting to go to Fareground since I heard about it before their opening and I finally got a chance. With a 7-month-old, it’s tough to find the right time. I made it there with my husband, daughter, and my mom who was in Austin visiting.

fareground austin outside

The place itself is pretty stunning. Loved the architecture with high ceilings, wood touches, and plenty of sitting space inside and out. The outdoor area is very family-friendly with tables and lawn areas perfect for a picnic. It was windy and a bit chilly so we grabbed a table inside this time, but I’d love to come back and enjoy a meal outside.

They have a dedicated bar too. Don’t worry, the wine is not hers.

Now about the food…

Easy Tiger

fareground austin

This is one of my favourite places to eat in Austin so it was exciting to see they made an appearance at Fareground. Easy Tiger’s original location is both a bakery/cafe and a creekside beer garden offering German-inspired food. Think pretzels and sausages, beer, and amazing pastries.

easy tiger

I did not order anything from here as I was already familiar with it and wanted to try something new. But I actually regretted not buying one of their chocolate chunk cookies which is my favourite cookie in Austin, and possibly the whole of USA.


fareground austin

Henbit’s chef has been winning awards left and right lately and with good reason. They focus on seasonal ingredients and local farmers and ranchers which is a recipe for success around here.

Speaking of cookies. I love them. And I had seen all across social media Henbit’s famous monster cookie which made me drool every time I saw a picture of it. I was excited to finally try it. I ordered my lunch from here too. It was Saturday, so I went with their breakfast bowl from their brunch menu. I’ll tell you about both below.

Crispy Short Rib, Sweet Potato, Poached Egg, Local Greens, Pickled Chilies. $12

How was the food?

fareground austin

First of all, I have to mention I made a food photography faux pas and sliced the poached egg before taking a photo. I was too hungry and forgot. I totally messed [it] up.

The breakfast bowl was absolutely delicious and worth the wait.

It kinda took forever to come out. At least 20 minutes. The two people I were with almost finished their food before I got mine. They ordered from two other different places and around the same time as me.

The cashier apologized for the wait and tried to explain something about the technique but she couldn’t quite explain. Considering it has poached eggs, maybe they kept messing them up or something. I had the feeling later that they may have figured I would write a review because I was carrying my camera and taking photos with it (instead of with a phone), so they wanted me to have the perfect bowl, which turned into a long wait. Just a theory. Maybe I just got bad service that day.

My mom ordered a large iced golden milk chai to share with me and it was delicious.

Now, about that monster cookie… I don’t know what happened but I was disappointed with it. I’m not a picky cookie eater by any means. I love any baked cookie especially a chocolate chip or any variation of it. But I simply did not like this cookie, which is very very weird considering how all across Austin people are raving about it, and it looks divine. But there was something off with it, it tasted like raw cookie dough but not in a good way. So the only explanation I have is I probably got a bad cookie. I don’t know. I just truly don’t know how it could’ve gone wrong with me. It’s not like me to not like a cookie.

Later, I came back to buy an iced matcha lavender latte before we headed out. And it was delicious. I loved their lattes and I’m craving them as I write this. I would go to Fareground often just for the lattes.


Contigo is an Austin favourite that I have been wanting to dine at for many months and I’ve yet to. A restaurant modeled after a Texas ranch, where they offer farm to table style food.

My husband ordered from here. He got some rotisserie chicken with two seasonal sides including a fresh tomato salad. I did not taste it, but it looked amazing, and my husband said it was great.

I also noticed others getting the burgers from here and I’d love to come back and try them. They looked so good.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

fareground austin

Cheese shop and lunch spot in one, at Antonelli’s you can order cut to order cheese, and classic favourites like grilled cheese, mac and cheese, tomato soup, and salads. All with top high-quality ingredients.

My mom ordered from here. She got the grilled cheese which came with a simple side salad. A very simple dish with very few ingredients and absolutely delicious. I did taste it.

I need to come back to taste Contigo for myself, and the tacos at Dai Due taqueria, and sushi at Ni Kome.

And maybe I’ll give the monster cookie another shot.

Fareground at One Eleven
111 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701

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