4 Overlooked Great Alternatives to Airbnb

If you love to travel, but don’t love hotel pricing, Airbnb.com is a site you are likely familiar with. However, this is not the only site you can use to book a convenient home, condo, or apartment when you are traveling. For those who like the “home away from home” feel or the local feel when traveling, you’ll love using this site to book your next vacation. But Airbnb is not the only site out there for this. There are great alternative sites to book with. For your next trip consider a few of the options below and compare them to find the best deal when you are ready to book.


With over 150,000 destinations from which you can choose and book a vacation, you can’t go wrong with this site. It has homes, condos, apartments, and options in every price range. You can stay in a popular destination or off the beaten path. You can find a waterfront home or a hidden cabin when you want to go skiing. There’s something for every traveler and every budget when you look here.


This is another great option to consider when you want to book a condo or home. Each property profile details the location, size, room count, as well as amenities and features of the properties you are going to book, so you know what you are getting before you book. You are also going to find photos with each booking, so you can actually see the property. An inventory of more than 300,000 properties, in more than 160 countries, is going to allow you to travel the world in comfort and style, for an affordable price as well.


Vacation rental by owner; as the name implies, at VRBO you can rent a vacation property, which is being rented out by the property’s owner. You choose the destination, the size of the home, the amenities, and you can even book properties which have utensils, linens, and everything you need at your fingertips during your stay. There are cancellation policies in place so you can cancel or you can modify your trip needs easily. Quick and easy booking, and affordable pricing, to nearly any destination you would like to visit around the world.


For US travelers, this is a managed-property site. There are over 13,000 rentals on the site, in places like Wyoming, Utah, Montana, N. Carolina, and Florida. Hassle-free booking, great pricing, and homes/condos near top tourist attractions and destinations in the United States. And, as a managed-property site, you know everything is taken care of for you in advance.

If you would like to check out even more alternatives to Airbnb.com then alternativewebsites.com is a great place to start.

Whether it is a weekend retreat for two, a family vacation, or a long work trip, there are many options to book exactly what you need. Whether you want to save, or simply want your own home (when you are away from home), or want to have a more local experience, consider one of these sites for your next trip.

Have you used any of these alternatives to Airbnb?

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