Love To Travel? 5 Careers You Should Consider

They say that travel broadens the mind and makes you smarter, but it can also fill your bank account and set you on the path to a rewarding career. Here are five travel careers you can consider if you’d rather explore the world than stay in one place.

Cabin Crew

Working as a flight attendant has always been a popular career option for anyone whose favourite hobby is globe-trotting. And while salaries may be low for entry-level positions, you’ll reap the rewards of being able to visit far-flung lands without having to pay a penny for the privilege.

The benefit of becoming a cabin crew member for one of the major airlines is that you’ll also get perks and discounts on flights that you can use in your own time. So when you want to book a holiday, rather than simply travel for work, you’ll be able to bag a real bargain and rack up some air miles in the process.


Becoming a photographer means that you’ll spend a lot of time on the road, visiting events, setting up photo shoots and perhaps even snapping shots of the natural world to fulfill your nomadic ambitions.

Being a professional photographer is one of the great travel careers because plenty of photographers operate on a freelance basis. This gives you a bit more leeway in terms of the jobs you take and where you get to visit. You basically set your own schedule.

If you’d prefer extra stability in your role, there are agencies that will employ you permanently so you can be snap-happy and have a reliable salary at the same time.

Freelance Writer

In the digital age, more people are working flexibly than ever. And if your talent lies in writing, then you can dive into a career involving the written word in a number of ways, from almost any location. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you can be a true digital nomad.

On sites like you can also find paid copywriting positions which come with the perks of a permanent job, all located in exotic and exciting places like Malta and Barcelona. Businesses are taking advantage of the power of the web and the lure of working overseas to reel people from many different countries to move elsewhere as they chase that dream of a more interesting life.

Activity Instructor

There are plenty of instructor jobs available in far-off places that are great for people who are young, physically fit, and eager for adventure. And because a lot of these jobs are seasonal, you can shift from place to place throughout the year, following the ebb and flow of the climate around the world.

You might want to spend your winters as a skiing instructor at a resort in Europe, then head to the Caribbean to teach people how to dive when the warmer weather arrives. You’ll need training, as with any job, but you’ll also have access to a life of international travel without the boring necessity of having to work in an office.

English Teacher

People all over the world want to learn English and improve their prospects, which is why TEFL teachers are so in-demand. If you don’t want to dive straight into this job, you can always take a course and test the waters first, then decide if it suits your skills and personality.

When you become a language teacher you can head to almost any non-English speaking nation you like, from Korea and Vietnam to India and beyond. You’ll have the opportunity to work with kids, influence their development and give them a leg up so that they can go on to follow their own dreams, just like you.

If you prefer longer-term travel, getting to know a new city well, and immerse with the locals, being a TEFL teacher is a great option.

Which of these travel careers sounds the most appealing to you?

2 thoughts on “Love To Travel? 5 Careers You Should Consider

  1. I looked into cabin crew and travel agent positions when I was younger but none really quite fitted me. And now I have Evie they definitely wouldn’t work! Would love to find a freelance writer job now though so that I can work from home but it’s so difficult to get something like that in London. Great job ideas though!


    1. I thought I wanted to be a flight attendant at one point too. What turned me off was that they’re in places for a very short time, and well, all the talking to people and stuff :p haha
      I do remote freelance writing, but barely have time for it now.


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