5 Great Restaurants in Calgary

Visiting a new place is always fun and exciting. However, it can also be scary as a new place is full of unknowns. One of the unknown aspects of a new place is that you’ll be unaware of the best places to eat. Local cuisine is very important to a city and knowing the best locations to eat can make your trip even better. This is especially true in a city like Calgary, a place with great high-quality restaurants. Whether you’re vacationing in the city or looking for Calgary houses for sale, knowing what the best restaurants in the city are is very helpful. So what are the best places to eat in Calgary? Here are five great restaurants in Calgary.

Open Range

If you’re an American visiting Calgary, then you’ll be right at home at Open Range. This steakhouse serves all different sorts of meats that make up the stereotypical American diet. This includes beef, lamb, chicken, and steak. If those are too heavy for you then have no fear, as Open Range also serves a wide range of breads, soups, and salads. Finally, after stuffing yourself with a huge meal, you can enjoy the steakhouse’s wide selection of desserts and wines.

Lulu Bar 

One of the more unique and interesting restaurants in Calgary is Lulu Bar. The restaurant is beautifully designed and serves a unique type of food. Lulu Bar specializes in Pan-Pacific dining, the type of food one would find in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. This means a menu that is filled with fish like tuna, tropical fruits like pineapples, and plenty of cocktails and margaritas. In addition, the restaurant is relatively new, meaning that it is very modern and up-to-date. 

Chairman’s Steakhouse

Sometimes normal steakhouses just don’t cut it for people. For this crowd, Chairman’s Steakhouse is the perfect option. The restaurant is a modern and luxurious place that serves updated versions of classic steakhouse dishes. Chairman’s Steakhouse has mouthwatering modern renditions of classic dishes that meat lovers crave. For a meat lover, this is the peak of luxury. However, this luxury comes at a price, as the steakhouse may be a little more pricey than other steakhouses in the area. 

The Lake House

If you like eating with a view, then you’ll absolutely love dining at The Lake House. The restaurant has plenty of water views overlooking Lake Bonavista, making it the perfect place for a romantic date night. In addition to the beautiful view, the restaurant also has a fantastic menu filled with locally raised meat and fish. If you’re a local then you may even want to consider this location for events like parties and wedding receptions

Calcutta Cricket Club

One of the more interesting cuisines out there is Indian food. No one perfects this unique cuisine better in Calgary than the Calcutta Cricket Club. The restaurant is beautifully designed, putting a modern twist on classic Indian designs. The food is much of the same, taking classic Indian dishes and adding both modern and local flares. If you’re in Calgary and are craving some Indian food, then you absolutely have to check out this restaurant. 

Which of these restaurants would you like to try first?

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