It’s Your Time Now: Going Away Without The Kids

As parents, you know how exhausting life with children can be. The children are wonderful, amazing human beings, but children take from us even when we don’t notice it. Eventually, we end up burning out and desperate for some time away, and in need to carve out alone time as a couple. 

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If you are lucky enough to have a village around you to help you out, take the opportunity to go away together and have someone take the kids for you for a couple of days. All you need is each other, a TroyPoint VPN to catch up with your favorite movies while you’re away, and a great destination to do it in. Use those things, plus the tips below to help you out with going away without the kids. Let’s dive in and see how you can ensure that this all goes off without a hitch!

Find the right caretakers

Choose people you trust with your children to look after them. Of course, you’re not going to leave them with a stranger, but you need to make sure that your children are with people you 100% trust to do the things you ask them to do. Being away from your children for the first time is exciting, but it’s easier to relax when you know that they’re with good people who care about their best interests.

Plan Ahead

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Plan ahead for your trip. You are rekindling your love as a couple outside of being parents. Before you were Mom and Dad, you were yourselves and you fell in love together. It was an adventure before children, and you can get that adventure back again. Planning in advance means you’ll be packed and ready and the kids will be ready for you to be away from them. Prepare them too. Kids love knowing what’s next, so if you give them time to prepare mentally, separation will be easier.

Prepare an Activity List

Have a plan together for those looking after your children. Make a list of activities and events, and write down their schedule so the caretakers can keep the children busy. It will be a big adjustment for your kids, so if they are busy and distracted, they won’t find it too hard to be away from you for a couple of nights. Make sure that they have numbers for where you’re staying, the airline, the doctor and more. It’s always better to leave people equipped than unprepared.

Get Travel Insurance

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Insure that trip you are booking. Why? The last thing you’d want is to book everything and one of the kids falls ill right before you’re due to go and lose your money. If you insure your trip, you’re not going to lose the cash and you may be able to rebook it all. Travel insurance was a life saver when we had to cancel our trip to Cancun a year ago due to sickness, the day before! We had all our expenses refunded.

Set up your Teens’ Phones

If you are planning on leaving teenagers behind and going abroad together for the first time, then pay out for international minutes on their phones and yours. It would be better to be able to keep in touch with each other daily and you may not always have Wi-Fi. They need to be able to get ahold of you!

Going away for the first time as parents is scary – but you can book that dream trip and make sure that you’re entertained for the time you’re away and the kids are happy. Enjoy yourselves!

Have you traveled without your kids yet?

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