Top 10 Highways Around The World For A Road Trip

If you have the responsibility of organizing a vacation, then one thing you should consider is a road trip. Take a look below at the top ten routes in the world in order to gain some ideas and inspiration for a road trip with your friends, partner, or family!

1) Amalfi Coast, Italy

Photo by Michael Block on

The views you will experience whilst driving along the Amalfi Coast will simply take your breath away. No picture, or video, or description can do this stretch of land justice. You will witness the tranquil twinkle of the sea, whilst the pretty pastel houses lace the colorful green hills. There is such a vivid sense of life and vibrancy; it is like a majestic work of art.

2) Seward Highway, Alaska 

Photo by Andrew Hanson on

From one extreme to the other – Seward Highway is the complete opposite to the Amalfi Coast. Yet the sights you will witness are equally as stunning, and arguably more dramatic. The signs of population in the form of housing and shops will be scarce, but the striking snow, the waterfalls, the dramatic mountains, the glaciers and the trout ponds are in abundance. You won’t know where to look first! Renting your charter bus from US Coachways is a good option to consider if you’re exploring in a big group here.

3) Route 66, USA

Photo by Pixabay on

Route 66 is one of those journeys that people take so they can say “I did that”. The highway is famous and it is a huge road which connects California and Chicago. If you are organizing a weekend for a big group then this is a great choice because you can stop at lots of different destinations in the USA whilst on the journey.

4) The Flower Route, Netherlands

Photo by Cole Keister on

The giveaway is in the name of the route; you will witness the most stunning, luxurious and unique flowers while driving through the Netherlands. The route starts in Haarlem and ends south of Leiden with about 25 miles (40 kilometers) to soak in. This is something which is probably most suited to a girlie road trip that’s for sure. But they’ll be lots of nice places to stop.

5) North Island, New Zealand

The views and the landscape offered at New Island are dauntingly beautiful. They possess that gorgeous blend between something which looks too stunning to be real, yet too unique to be fiction. The rugged, eye-catching and striking impact of the scenery is something you won’t forget for a long time. 

6) Cascade Lakes, Oregon

If serenity, peace, tranquillity, and idyllic bliss are what you are looking for, then look no further than the Cascade Lakes in Oregon. The beautiful reds, yellows and oranges of the trees against the calm and quiet lakes possess a beautiful blend which is simply magical.

7) Montreal, Canada

Photo by Leah Kelley on

The drive through Montreal offers the full experience – it is like a story unfolding before your eyes. You feel like you learn all about the place, the culture and the people simply through looking out the window. The place is well-known for its wine, so make sure you call for the passenger’s seat first. 

8) The Wild West, Kansas

If you want to get a taste as to what it would be like to be a real cowboy then nothing beats an evening’s drive along the Wild West. Seeing the cattle travel the barren hills whilst the sun sets in the background is something which looks like it has come straight out of a movie.

9) Shipwreck Coast, Michigan

There is something which is eerie yet beautiful about the Shipwreck Coast. Whilst driving along Michigan you feel like you are at one with the water, like you have entered a completely different world which is filled with mystery and intrigue. It is truly special.

10) Provence, France

Photo by Claudio Vincenti on

And finally, whilst driving along Provence you will have to adjust your eyesight because it feels as if you have stepped into a real-life painting. The color and beauty is something which is simply mind-blowing.

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