10 Majestic Hiking Spots in Canada You Should Experience

There are many beautiful places worldwide that hikers and regular travelers alike want to go to. For hikers, the experience can be sweeter because they tend to go off the beaten path. It also enables them to find unique and exciting sceneries that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. One of the best places to go on a hike is Canada.

In a 2016 General Social Survey, the results showed that Canada’s most popular outdoor activity is hiking. Thus, you’ll have a welcome experience should you hike there.

It also helps that there are plenty of gorgeous hiking spots in the country. With that said, it’s time to pack your hiking poles and head on out to these ten majestic hiking spots in Canada.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Kinney Lake Trail

The Kinney Lake Trail in the Mt. Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia is an easy to medium difficulty trail that will take you around two and a half hours to finish. It’s about 10 km or 6.2 mi. Aside from a hike, you can also bike on this trail.

If you want to, you can bring some food or a picnic basket with you because the areas around Kinney Lake are beautiful spots to sit down and relax. It would be a shame to leave right after arriving, so consider basking in the mountains’ gorgeous views and the lake.

Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail located in Jasper National Park is medium or difficult, so if you’re a beginner, you will have a more challenging time hiking here.

However, if you have the experience, the views here are spectacular. You can see an expansive view of hills and the coast. You might even get a glimpse of some animals, like whales, moose, and bald eagles.

Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

Another trail in a national park is the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail. You can find it in Banff National Park, and it can span between 14 to 18 km, depending on where you start your hike.

This hiking trail will show you massive rock formations, gorgeous glaciers, Lake Louise, and even rest stops. The tea houses along the route will help you regain your energy while also allowing you to admire the sceneries around you.

Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail is the country’s longest and oldest marked footpath. It is also a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, and many locals care for this trail. You might even want to be a member of these clubs to help support this trail’s maintenance.

Since it’s the country’s longest footpath, you’ll have to devote at least a month to finish it in its entirety. But if you’re an experienced hiker, it’s worth it to cross it off your hiking bucket list.

Joffre Lakes

The Joffre Lakes is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in all of Canada. You can find it in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and is around seven kilometers long.

The biggest reason you want to hike this trail is to get a fantastic view of the bright blue lakes. You can even access a waterfall if you go on a side trail.

It can be tempting to swim in these sparkling lakes, but these are cold year-round, so they’re not ideal for swimming.

Grey Owl Trail

Grey Owl Trail in Riding Mountain National Park is a more leisurely hike, although it’s a 17-km trail.

However, through this track, you’ll be able to go through different environments, from forests to beaches.

Aside from that, you can also spot a lot of stunning wildlife. If you do, don’t approach them as much as possible and respect their space.

Twillingate Trail

Twillingate Trail has plenty of spots that photographers and hikers go wild for, like the icebergs, cliffs, and panoramic views. Since it’s the iceberg capital of the world, you’re going to see many icebergs around.

You can also enjoy a picnic here because you can get to the picnic tables in the area. Once you get to the top of Twillingate, don’t forget to leave your signature in the sign book.

Meewasin Valley Trail

The Meewasin Valley Trail lives up to its name. If you didn’t know, the term Meewasin means beautiful in Cree. This intermediate difficulty hike will be a 60 km round trip hike.

This hike along the Saskatchewan River is a little bit of nature in the middle of the city, so it’s excellent for city folk looking to bask in nature for a bit.

Whistler Mountain Trails

Photo by Coby Degroot on Pexels.com

If you’re a fan of a snowy environment, you might want to stop by Whistler Mountain. However, in the summer, this area is best for hikers.

On these trails, you can enjoy stops by plentiful mountain lakes, gorgeous local flora, as well as beautiful glaciers.

Sunshine Meadows

The Sunshine Meadows is a 7.4-mile round trip hike that will take you about four hours to finish. The Sunshine Meadows feature gentle meadows filled with wildflowers surrounded by Banff peaks.

You can also enjoy the sights of the tranquil lake standing out against the dark green trees around it.

Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity in Canada, and for a good reason. Given all these gorgeous natural sights in their midst, it’s a lot more inviting to go on a hike. Thus, any hiker would undoubtedly want to experience these hiking trails themselves.

How many have you checked of your list? Which one would be top on your list to do next?

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