How To Cook In Your Hotel Room On Your Next Vacation

Staying in a hotel is the most common way to travel. As such, any room you can book tends to be packed out with modern conveniences to make your trip more comfortable. And that makes hotel rooms a pretty good place to cook, even if you don’t have a full kitchen in front of you! 

Cooking on vacation is becoming a bit of a lost art form, but knowing how to adapt to this situation is a great life skill to have. Plus, you’ll need to self-cater from time to time if you’re traveling on a budget, and we’ve got all the travel cooking tips you’ll need to use your hotel room properly. Check them out below. 

Find Some Great Cold Recipes

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Cold recipes are the go-to for those of us who like cooking on vacation. And when you’re in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere, cold meals might be your only viable option. Buying a pack of already cooked noodles from a local shop and adding some other ingredients to it, such as chilli, cooked shrimp, and spices is a great way to make use of this cooking method. You could also make a good taco or yogurt dessert this way too, and it’s super easy to put together salads and sandwiches. 

Create Finger Food Boards

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Finger foods are great at any time of the year, but they’re perfect for hotel rooms. All you need are some ingredients you can eat cold, then put them all out on a plate or chopping board that comes with the room and you’re done! You’ll have an insta-worthy shot just by laying out some fresh fruit, cheese, nuts, and dried fruits. And that’s a hearty breakfast or dinner, especially if you’re out hiking the next day or have a whole town to traverse. 

Use the Small Appliances

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Some hotel rooms come with small appliances, to really offer the modern traveler a sense of convenience. A microwave, for example, is the perfect kitchen equipment for use while you’re on vacation. Or if there’s a kettle in your hotel room, you can use it to make some hearty minestrone soup. All you need are some flavor packets, a few pre-chopped vegetables, and there’s your hot water right there! Couldn’t be easier to pour out a good meal you’ve made yourself without much fuss. 

Pack Travel Cooking Items

You can pack plenty of small cooking items that are either made of silicon. A flask is a good way to carry hot water, tea, or coffee around, but it could also keep pre-prepared ingredients warm while you get everything else together. Or a lunch box that comes with cutlery clipped in could also double up as a mixing bowl – just think a little creatively here, or buy equipment made for camping

Cooking in the hotel sounds like an awkward task, but with tips like these, you can make it effortless! 

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