4 Ideas For An Exciting Travel-Focused Wedding

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. More and more people are placing their own spins on tradition, perhaps by holding conventional ceremonies in new locations, while some are subverting expectations entirely and trying new things, such as confirming their vows during a skydive.

Now, we won’t suggest anything quite so unique to you in this post, but it is worth discussing travel-focused weddings and the fun they can bring to anyone who might be looking for something new.

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Of course, wedding beaches are a well-known options, so we won’t bore you going over the basic details. But it can be worthwhile to consider just what options are on the table, exactly how this might change your event planning, and what to expect. Of course, if you plan to travel far, then it tracks that some of your would-be attendants might not be able to make it, be that they cannot find the time or the funds to do so. If that’s acceptable to you, then you might find joy in the following suggestions:

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Consider The Unique Venue

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Of course, it’s important to make sure you recce the venue as appropriate in advance. This is especially important if you’re to experience something truly unique, such as scheduling the venue on the side of a clifftop overlooking the ocean, where the winds are liable to be quite intensive and aggressive.

In some cases, it can be worth taking a trip. For instance, Lancaster Balloon Rides can provide a fantastic, amazing venue to get married in, and will help you oversee so much of the surrounding environment it will be jaw-dropping. Yet it’s also important to recognize that while hot air balloons are entirely safe, if you’ve never experienced one before, and never said your vows or married before, then those are two quite big experiences to have for the first time. Heading on that trip can be a great idea, because then you get a feel for it, and can do so again comfortably, focusing on your wonderful partner.

Plan Well In Advance & Give Real Notice

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

It’s good to plan heavily in advance when it comes to your wedding day in a different country or location than you may have usually. This is because not only might the particular services not be available at a certain time, especially near tourist season, but your guests and potential attendees will require some time to get their affairs in order.

This might include purchasing a plane ticket, booking time off work, or making sure they budget appropriately as they plan to spend a good deal on the vacation for themselves as well. If you have the funds, it might be responsible to help out certain members of your family with their transport costs if necessary, such as bringing your grandparents over by covering half the cost of their tickets. You won’t be able to ensure this for everyone of course, but it canbe an important gesture for those who need it.

Hire Local Services & Vet Their Portfolios

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It’s also good to hire local services and vet their portfolios if you can. Make sure that you liaise with them well in advance, and ensure they know the local area well enough. Here you might even get advice, such as the best time to take wedding photos near a mountain so that the sun perfectly shines on you, or where to stage your entertainment in the ruins of an old castle so that the electrical supply for the musical amplifiers can be achieved.

This is also the case with venues that you may have for the ceremony and then the reception afterward; as not all unique tourist attractions or locations will have the infrastructure necessary to care for you. Make sure the services you’ve used have dealt with weddings in the past, and if not, then don’t be afraid to find those that can.

Also, don’t be afraid to go for a little cultural flair! If you’re in a new country, why not have the event catered with the best possible authentic cuisine? It will add a real sense of place to the event.

Practice Transport & Accessibility

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Accessibility is important to consider also, because while you may be willing to foot the cost of an expensive plane ticket, it might not be that simple. For instance, if you’ve found a great and picturesque old Italian village to get married in, you might think this serves a wonderful opportunity. But if one of your best friends who might use a wheelchair, or if certain people are limited due to a lack of public transport from their hotels, then this could be a problem.

As such accessibility is always important, only when going for a unique location it may be more important to plan for.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy an excellent travel-focused wedding in the best way.

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