50 Essential Wilderness Backpacking Tips

50 Essential Wilderness Backpacking Tips

The wilderness is full of unexpected surprises so it’s always best to take precautions before undertaking a trip into the wild. It’s best to be smart rather than reckless and careless thinking that nothing is going to happen. Before a backpacking trip, be prepared for any eventuality that could go wrong, I promise it’s better safe than sorry in these situations. Knowing some essential backpacking tips can save your life.  

Some tips may be pretty obvious like bringing emergency food and checking the weather forecast. But some others are not so obvious. For example, don’t hike above the tree line if lightning starts. And if you’re planning on staying overnight, bringing a good backpacking pillow can really make your trip so much better. Getting good sleep is key to energy regeneration.

The infographic below covers essential things to pack, ways to pack efficiently, preparation tips, food fundamentals, hiking tips, and emergency tips.

With these tips, and some preparation and attention, you can enjoy a safe and memorable wilderness backpacking trip.

50 Essential Backpacking Tips

50 Essential Backpacking Tips [Infographic] by the team at Expedia

Do you have any backpacking tips to add to the list?

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