Weekly Small Pleasures #101


This was our first week in our new apartment and there were a lot of happenings for me. More than usual. And several small pleasures came out of it. Check them out. 

1. Started off the week with some Talenti mango sorbetto. Josh went to buy some wine and brought home some of my favourite ice cream ever. Those Talenti gelatos are to die for. I’ve talked about them in these weekly small pleasures before and they’re always a pleasure. This time it was the mango one, which is not a gelato but a sorbetto. Every bite is heavenly. The sea salt caramel one is pure bliss.

2. Finding a spot for all my tea. We have more cabinet space in the kitchen of this apartment than we had in the last one, so all my tea got two shelves for itself. Every time I open that door it makes me happy. Chocolate and tea: definition of a “small pleasure” at its best. Went crazy with the sickness tea some months ago because I got really sick last February from the stressful move to Utah and I was overdosing on cold, cough, and immune system tea. I need some more black teas to balance it out.


3. Getting back into aerial silks! I tried a summer class about three years ago and it was so fun. I looked into finding a class here and was happy to have found one. This week was my first class and it was as fun as expected. It wasn’t quite the workout as I expected though, so I’ll have to find another fitness class in addition.

Aerial Silks

4. Music discoveries. This week I came across a band I was all over. It just so happens to be an Austin band (the place I just moved to), and the lyrics were the most amazing part, really speaking to me, and the good music just followed. I obsessed over them right away. The band is called Quiet Company.

5. Taking a walk on the boardwalk during sunset. This was my first time taking a leisurely walk in this city, without counting walking to and from places. I kinda have been avoiding the outdoors cause I can’t deal with 95F degrees and humidity. But when arriving home one time this week, it was cloudy and the sun was setting and the boardwalk was calling. By the end I could definitely feel the heat radiating and I was sweating a bit, but it was quite pleasant mostly cause of the wonderful view, and all the passer byers jogging, biking, walking their dogs…


6. Enjoying live music in downtown Austin. Starting to get to know this city. We went out for food on Friday and we ended up staying till past midnight in Austin’s famous 6th street walking around going from bar to bar enjoying tons of live music. Unfortunately the next day wasn’t very enjoyable for me. Worst hangover I’ve had in years. This is something we never do. The most “going out” we do is having dinner at a restaurant.


7. House plants! While I was in bed recovering from a wild night out, Josh went out and about and came back with a ton of house plants. Just lovely. It really makes a place feel so much better. The apartment is still a work in progress. (There were more plants than I could fit in the picture.) Vincent the cat was also very happy to have plants in the house.


Have a great week!

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures #101

  1. I love the houseplants. I don’t think a place feels like home until you’ve got a few (or a garden if you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space).


    1. It was incredible the difference they made to make the place more homey!


  2. We have mangoes all year round and that mango sorbet sounds delish! Stash organic teas are another favorite of mine too. Both your house and the city looks lovely!


    1. oh yeah, those stash teas are great.
      Mango is my favourite fruit, lucky you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy to see that you’re settling in! The house plants are beautiful and I would love to try out aerial silks one day. Looks like so much fun!


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