The Best Posts of 2017

The Best Posts of 2017

What a year! I think that whether it was a good or bad year or a combo, it was a big one for most people. For me it was a combo. But probably the biggest event so far in my life happened in 2017, which was becoming a mom. That in itself brought highs and lows for many months, pre and post-birth. What a journey it’s been. One other mom of four described motherhood in two words: sacrifice and joy, and I think it’s pretty fitting. 

This year we also moved. Again. (That’s about the tenth time we move in less than 10 years). I also began a new hobby, learning to play an instrument (the mandolin), and which has been hard to keep up since baby girl was born.

And I went through a lot emotionally and spiritually. My character, my perspective changed. I’d say I grew as a person. And I’m determined to make this a permanent and evolving change. I want to keep becoming a better person – a strong, kind, honest, moral, giving, compassionate, unselfish, patient person.

2017 was big. And I’m feeling very positive about 2018. I know a lot is in store, but I feel optimistic. I’m curious and even looking forward to it, whatever it is. Pretty sure it’ll include another move haha.

Anywho, I wish you a great 2018! And here are the best posts on the blog of 2017…

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What was a memorable moment in 2017 for you?


  1. I think going to Vancouver to see my brother who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years and not since he had a stroke was a highlight. And also see my other brother come through a serious illness. A more personal highlight was spending my husband’s birthday on a little island in Fiji. All the very best for 2018! And I’ll be returning to small pleasures posts after the holidays.

    • Sounds like memorable moments in different ways for sure. All the best to you too. And I hope to get back to the small pleasures soon too!


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