My New Feline Friend

My New Feline Friend

I saw a greyish/brownish cat in my backyard a couple weeks ago. I decided to buy some cat food and leave some in the backyard every day. For many days the food disappeared but I never saw who was eating it. I know there are a couple cats and dogs around.

Then one day, Josh and I were taking afternoon tea in our backyard, when suddenly this kitty came by. I don’t know yet if he/she is a girl or a boy, but I think he is a boy from seeing the back of his tail from a distance, so I will continue with that assumption until proper analysis. I ran to the kitchen to get some food and gave it to him. He ate it from a distance and hung out with us for a bit. The next day I was hoping to see him again, but I didn’t.

(I like cats a lot. Especially after having the best two kitties living with us back in the U.S.)

About three nights ago, I saw the kitty rummaging in our trash in our porch, so I ran to the kitchen to get some food. He ran away but then slowly came back when he saw I had food.

We started bonding after this. I started seeing him more and more.

He began to come every day around 6 pm, I would feed him and give him water. I sacrificed my 1/3 measuring cup to use as a water bowl.

kitty kitty1 kitty2

I love it when cats stick their tongues out.


kitty12 kitty10 kitty7

Two days ago, I made the biggest progress. I hung out with him at our porch, I fed him, I was able to pet her only when he was eating, and he showed signs of happiness and comfort.








And a lot of talking.

kitty11 kitty16



He is also not afraid of the camera.

I have been trying to think of a name for him, but I can’t seem to come up with one that fits.

As I write this post, he is lying on our front door mat, occasionally meowing. He has been for last 2 hours.  I want to vaccinate him sooner than later since it looks he is going to keep coming back and spending a considerable amount of time around here. I mean, why wouldn’t he after tasting yummy store-bought kitty food?

kitty20  kitty18

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