The Night Owl’s Guide to NYC

The Night Owl’s Guide to NYC
New York City, the city that never sleeps. They say that for a reason. The energy in this city is bustling with so much to offer. Whether your interest is in food, music, art, sports, architecture, comedy, or even relaxing, NYC has always something going on. And when the sun goes down it's not the exception. A dream destination for early birds and night owls alike. Here's your night owl's guide to NYC. (more…)

4 Tips For Planning Your Trip to Arlington, Texas

4 Tips For Planning Your Trip to Arlington, Texas
Midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington, Texas, has a lot to offer. Longtime home of the Rangers, and more recently the Cowboys, Arlington sees a lot of sports fans. It's quite the experience to attend a game at the world's largest state-of-the-art domed stadium. However, visitors have other adventure options in which to partake. From enjoying the original Six Flags, to a water park; shopping, golfing, and nightlife, also make their way into Arlington. Plus, the city has a rich

Visit Colorado: Why There is Something For Everyone

When it comes to travel around the USA, there is such a range of places to choose from. The locations have some similarities, but you will find new things to see and do in each one of them. One of the states that certainly is worth a look is Colorado. The terrain is varied with the countryside, mountains, and great city locations. So there really is something for everyone there. If you have never been

Hiking The Jardine Juniper Trail in Logan Canyon, Utah

The Jardine Juniper Trail, an 11 mile (roundtrip) hike, leads you to the oldest living tree in Utah, a popular landmark of the Logan Canyon. The age of this Rocky Mountain juniper tree (hence the name of the trail) is estimated at over 1500 and up to 3000 years old, depending on the source. The trail is used for hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and horseback riding, and it offers great views of the Logan Canyon, the Cottonwood

Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations

Traveling to Seattle soon? There is so much to do in this large city in the Pacific Midwest, so it is best to plan your trip wisely. Otherwise, you may come home without seeing everything you wanted to. To make sure your Seattle vacation goes without a hitch, here are a few top tips for planning your trip to this corner of the USA! (more…)

Where To Stay in Panama City, Florida

, Florida is known for having stunning beaches and lots of attractions, and Panama City is no exception. Situated along the beautiful Gulf Coast, the opportunities for water activities like fishing, boating and swimming are abundant. Not only can you spend a good time enjoying the beautiful beaches, Panama City also offers many fun attractions for families, business travelers, and spring breakers including amusements parks, golf courses, and go-karts. (more…)

Where To Stay in Pismo Beach, California For All Types of Travelers

Image via Flickr by Rob DeGraff I have some great options for you to stay at when you visit the “Clam Capital of the World.” Whether you visit Pismo Beach for fishing, surfing, shopping along the boardwalk or at premium outlets, bumming at the beach, golfing, horseback riding, relaxing, partying, or all the above, you are sure to have a very enjoyable and memorable time; and you can make it even better by staying at the

Xpat Matt’s Budget-Friendly Adventures in the American West

Image via Trover by Micah Weber The post below was originally published on XPATMATT on April 14, 2016. Not every trip “out west” needs to empty your wallet and your savings account. In fact, there are plenty of adventurous destinations in the west that are affordable, uncrowded, and full of awesome outdoor activities for you and your traveling family. These five budget-friendly destinations offer everything you need to make the most of your adventure-based getaway. (more…)

Six of America’s Top Hiking Destinations

There’s nothing quite like getting out and stretching the legs. If you don’t have enough time in your busy daily schedule to find time for a walk, you can always plan a hiking trip. Even if you aren’t a seasoned hiker, you will enjoy exploring nature. You don’t have to start off with a huge walk if you aren’t experienced. Take it easy and start off with a short walk on day one. As the days