Our First Home in India

The backyard.
The backyard.

We moved out from MPR and into our new little house on Saturday, July 20.

We had Adinath’s help with transportation and finding a place, and we had Shekhar’s help for basically anything we needed. He wanted a job so we hired him on salary to help us. He set up the Internet in our house, he got us local phone sim cards, he provided us with food, and he even made breakfast and tea for us.

We rented a fixer-upper house. Before moving in, we painted the walls, got a mattress, a fridge, a stove, installed ceiling fans, and went shopping for linens and kitchenware (all with Shekhar’s help).

I wasn’t very happy the first day we moved in because it was very dirty and it needed much fixing. Like I said, we got a fixer-upper. I didn’t feel comfortable in it but we could both see the potential of it, we liked the history of it, and most importantly, God had chosen this place for us. I guess I was in some kind of shock from the difference between this house and the house we lived in just 16 days ago. But this is part of the process, we didn’t move rich, so we have to upgrade slowly.

We got a long lease for it so that all the changes that we make to fix the house pay off. We also obtained the right to sub-lease it to other Westerners.

I know we can do this because we had done it before in the US. Over the course of 4 years we started off living in a foreclosed studio apartment, then at a friend’s house, then we literally slept in our car for days, some motels, then a very cheap apartment for a year, and a year later a much nicer apartment, and finally our last year, in a cute 2 bedroom house.

The most important part is that we are surrendered to God, and He has never let us go hungry, always protected us, and He takes us where He wants us to go.  And it is in this little fixer-upper house that we need to be for now. God absolutely always has many reasons that even if we tried, we couldn’t think of. This gives me comfort.

The house is very near the train tracks. Added bonus. But it’s not too bad once your brain gets programmed and gets used to it. After just the third night, the train didn’t wake me up.

The path to the backyard.

We have a front and backyard (which need work) but it’s very nice space. We have a shower, hot water, and a big and very deep open well, which Josh wants to close up before we get an elephant, he’s very serious about it.

Below is a before and after of our bedroom. (There will be an after of the after eventually when we get more furniture.)



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