Tandoori and the best brownie found in India


Yesterday we had some errands to do in Pune, which is a 2-3 hr drive depending on traffic. After our errands, we decided to go eat. Our driver/friend took us to a restaurant that looked really nice, but it was only vegetarian and no alcohol.

Josh, wanting to have a beer after a long day, and myself wanting to have meat, we decided to go find another restaurant. Our driver said that most restaurants in Pune are vegetarian and no alcohol. We were pretty surprised. I am sure there are plenty of non-veg restaurants that provide alcohol, he just doesn’t know about them.  After a 5 min drive, he remembered a restaurant he had been to some time ago after a Western wedding in Pune, so we stopped there.

It was empty, but they were open. (Josh and I have a knack for having meals at different times than everyone else).  The restaurant was called 1000 Oaks and it had a nice outdoor seating area.

We ordered: Tandoori chicken, fish curry, jeera rice, garlic naan, butter roti,  mojitos and beer.

In India it is common to order dishes for everyone to share, rather than each person ordering their own dish.

Tandoori chicken came first to the table and it was heavenly. Every single time, I keep confirming that Tandoori chicken is my favorite Indian food.


Then, the rest of the food came at once.

indian food

Later, I went inside to use the restroom and I found this:


And this:


And this:


Finally, even though they had a nice Indian desserts menu, I had to go with the old-fashioned American dessert: brownie with vanilla ice cream. I wasn’t expecting much from it. But then it arrived in a cool hot plate, the waiter poured some hot fudge to cover the whole ice cream scoop, and it started simmering on the plate; you can see the bubbles in the picture. Then, I had a bite, and it was, like the tandoori, heavenly. The hot brownie with the cold ice cream was so good, and the flavor was amazing! (I’m picky when it comes to chocolate.)

I was the only one of four, who ordered dessert, and I was going to devour the whole thing by myself. I was at least halfway but then I offered Shekhar a bite, and he accepted. Then Adinath tasted it. And they clearly loved it. So, I decided to sacrifice the rest to let them have it. They were scraping off the fudge from the plate. That’s how good of a person I am, I will give you my last three bites of brownie and daydream about having another brownie some other day.


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