Photos: My Day At The The Fruit and Veggie Markets


Today I went to the best veggie and fruit markets in Ahmednagar. They are in separate locations.

I bought apples, papayas, oranges and coconuts at the fruit market.

The man below is whom I call the coconut man. He slices coconuts for people to drink.

fruit market


fruit market india



I love pomegranates, but I did not buy any because they are so messy when cut and I didn’t feel like attracting more flies into my home with pomegranate juice all over the kitchen counter.

At the veggie market I bought: tons of chilis, garlic, cucumbers, limes, potatoes and carrots. I learned the names in Hindi for some of these too.

veggie market


It was a rainy day.

veggie emarket

The grains and legumes.


And the women.

indian women

Below are my veggies. All of this for 90 rupees. (About $1.50 dollars)


And me with rainy-day-puffy-hair in my porch drinking fresh coconut water and view of paradise (barbed wire and all).


4 thoughts on “Photos: My Day At The The Fruit and Veggie Markets

  1. No matter where you are, a visit to a Farmers Market is always a wonderful experience!
    PS: If you score a pomegranate, and then put it into a large bowl filled with water, you can break it open so easily, and without any mess! Your fingers can easily work the seeds out without smashing them, and the seeds will all sink to the bottom of the bowl. The white pith will float. Hope this helps =0)
    PS: I’m so wishing for poms right now – we’ve got another 2 months to go here!


    1. Thanks for your awesome message and the great advice. Next time I go, I’ll definitely buy some pomegranates! 🙂
      P.S. I would kill for some “parmesan and avocado slices with balsamic vinegar” right now.


      1. oh yes indeed! That is actually one of my 3 go-to snacks!
        PS: I’m following you blog – am really interested to see what wonderful things you come across on the other side of the world! How exciting!!


  2. I appreciate all your tips on how to open a coconut. With the proper tools, there just might be hope for my technique after all 🙂


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