Random Facts About Me And My Hubby

I was updating my About Me page, so I decided to make a separate post about it. All ego in this post.

Random Facts About Me

1. I love [dark] chocolate too much. (And pretty much anything baked).

dog bakery
This is an accurate visual description of myself.

2. I have been a dancer on and off since I was 5. (Ballet, Jazz, Aerial Silks, Flamenco…) If it wasn’t for God’s plans, I would have probably pursued a professional ballet dancing life.

Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks

3. I love God and I try to follow His wish. I am not religious.

4. I have always looked younger than my actual age.

5. My favorite thing to do (besides dancing and eating chocolate) is to travel. I have been to 20 countries so far and I constantly daydream about traveling.

6. My favorite country is Italy.

roma dining

7. I really love the arts. I did oil painting for about 8 years, took an analogue photography course, and studied filmmaking in college.

9. I love films by Woody Allen and Wes Anderson, and anything with Will Ferrel in it. My favorite trilogy is Toy Story.

10. I love classical music. And classic rock too.

11. At the top of my invisible to-do list is going skydiving. And I love roller-coasters and skiing.


12. In contrast to the above sentence, I also love my alone or quiet time and silence is not awkward for me.

13. I am a tea drinker (not coffee drinker). Depending on the occasion, I’ll also take a cold amber beer, a bottle of hard cider, a glass of sangria, a glass of rosé, or a gin & tonic.

Tea Time at the Washington Duke Inn
My beer is the overshadowed little one.

14. When I was little I wanted to be a rockstar with 12 songs in my album, as well as a hotel manager. (I don’t even know).

15. I am NOT a morning person.

16. I love food. (Dessert, Italian, Mexican, and Sushi especially.) I love my metabolism genes, because I should be fat.

17. I hate doing dishes, but I don’t mind doing laundry.

18. When I was about 10, my mom packed me dog food for school lunch as a prank. (She “nicely” also gave me lunch money that day). This may have made me a stronger person.

19. I have won medals in archery, as well as 1st place at a horseback riding race where I had to gallop to one side, hop off the horse, stick my face into a plate full of whipped cream, find the cherry with my mouth, hop back on the horse (with whipped cream all over my face), and ride back.

20. I speak fluent Spanish and English. I understand Italian and French, I read Russian, and I am learning Hindi.

21. I really like sneezing. I hate yawning.


23. I get very excited when I get the answers right when watching Jeopardy.

24. Finally, I never ever imagined I would become a married housewife in my early 20s and then live in a remote area in India. If you want to live an adventure without even trying, follow God.

Random Facts About Josh

1. He is from California.

2. He was in the U.S. Navy for 4 years, stationed in Italy.

uss normandy
U.S.S. Normandy Reunion

3. He has also lived in New Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Seattle (his favorite place) where he got his degree on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) after the Navy.

4. He has been to 30 countries.

5. He got certification for scuba diving.

6. He loves solving problems; he has too many ideas.

7. He is kind of a cool nerd. (He likes video games and sci-fi but also non-nerd stuff, see below.)

See how bad-ass?
This is him after he crashed his plane in the jungle.
This is him after he crashed his plane in the jungle.

8. He has pretty blue eyes, and magic massage hands. I wish I could make a Josh clone for massaging purposes only so I don’t have to ask him so much.

9. He seems to have lived many lifetimes in one life.

I guess that sums it up!

Now, to be fair, tell me one or more random facts about yourself.

19 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me And My Hubby

  1. Haha… I don’t mind the dishes, but I hate folding laundry!


    1. Funny. You do my dishes and I’ll do your laundry. Everyone’s happy.


  2. I can dance just about anywhere, in front of anybody….tell me to sing and I get butterflies in my tummy :p…oh and I love India…especially Kolkata! Ps: love the blog 🙂


    1. 🙂 Thank you. I am terrible singer but I sing anyway, especially while driving. Never been to Kolkata, I shall visit. 🙂


  3. Hello, came across your blog randomly through another blogger’s link. I am an American who is half Mexican and I’m married to an Indian who grew up in London. Your blog is really interesting and I look forward to reading more!


    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, your story sound interesting, I love those kinds of combinations 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


  4. This is really cute. I don’t know how I haven’t seen this before. I follow your blog pretty regularly. Awe…love.


  5. Currently in the UK but about to move to Tanzania with my family!


  6. I am a closet chef. shh….don’t want anyone to know 😉


  7. I can’t wait to marry my Mexican! I want to move to a beautiful old flat in La Condesa. I don’t mind doing laundry or the dishes – but I do have a system for both of them.


  8. I love cooking, doing dishes and laundry,travel,dancing.. but my fav thing in the whole world..is….being the mom of three increidible and amazing children!! upps forgot!!! my most fav thing in loving GOD!


  9. I just happened to run into your blog by reading an article on living in India. I am a Mexican-American married to an Indian. We met on the net 14 years ago, we have been married for almost 11 years now. We too, felt God’s call to India. We sold everything we had and are now living in India working among tribes. I agree with what you said “If you want to live an adventure without even trying, follow God.” It is absolutely true. Our lives have a fascinating adventure from the day we surrendered our lives to him.


    1. Wow, funny the world is. Thanks for sharing your story with me.


  10. Oh I’ll gladly do your dishes too;). Yep, if you want adventure follow God. For sure that is so true for us too! I’m glad I came to your blog and knowing you better here on this post.


  11. I don’t mind doing dishes…but I hate making my bed 😛 . Hi Mani… nice to meet you 🙂


  12. I secretly want to be a dancer! I love your pic flying up high there.


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