This is how we cope…

junk food

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that Josh and I have had our fair share of challenges and frustrations since we moved to India about two months ago, I think today was a bad sign for us…

Earlier today we stopped by a shop nearby on our way home for a couple late-night snacks. We both gathered what we wanted and set it on the counter at the cashier (I’m always last). When I looked at our stuff altogether my first thought was: “hey we are having a party.” But it took me less than a second to realize that we weren’t having a party and that we were going to consume all that stuff by ourselves, overtime. (Okay, probably won’t take more than three days.)

junk food1

Josh’s items on the left side are:

  • 2 400ml cokes.
  • 2 600ml cokes.
  • Hide & Seek Mocha cookies.
  • Hide & Seek chocolate chip cookies.
  • Treat chocolate cookies.

Josh has been buying oreos but they didn’t have any today, so he decided to try three new different kinds of cookies. It’s interesting to see that no longer than 2 years ago, in my past trips to India, the drinks you would find at small shops were Thumbs Up (the Indian coke), Limca (the Indian sprite), and Frooti (the best mango juice). But now we see Coke, Maaza (a different mango juice), and Appy Fizz (carbonated apple juice).

junk food

My items on the right side are:

  • 2 small frooti (mango juice)
  • 1 big frooti
  • 2 Cadbury Silk chocolate
  • Golden Arcs (Pure Heavenly Temptations) Choco filled cookies
  • 1 bag of chile limón Lays
  • 1 lighter for lighting incense that is supposed to keep bugs away

In the states, I would never buy milk chocolate, I’d always go for dark, but after trying dark Indian chocolate and not liking it at all, I had to try the milk chocolate, and it’s way better. That cadbury silk is definitely silky. I was also excited to see they had frooti. Since I can remember, frooti has been my go-to drink from shops during all my India travels. Since we got here, I hadn’t seen frooti. Instead they are selling maaza another mango juice but not as good as frooti in my opinion. Maybe it’s an emotional opinion. I actually bought three small frootis but one of them was gone in seconds. I gulped it like if I had been stranded in a desert for days. I was also excited to find chile limón chips. It was strange that they would have a Mexican flavor and in Spanish, but exciting. We Mexicans love the chili and lime combination.

Bon Appétit to us!

4 thoughts on “This is how we cope…

  1. DAIRY MILK!!! Brilliant! I’m going home for christmas and trying to decide if I should take an empty suitcase to fill with the stuff!


    1. You totally should! And if I still lived in Mexico, I’d ask you to bring me some hobnobs and prawn cocktail crisps. Those were my addictions in London. I don’t even know why I even bought prawn cocktail crisps in the first place, since they sound terrible, but they were absolutely delicious!


      1. Yes, every time I mention prawn cocktail crisps Mexicans look at me as if I just said vomit flavoured. Haha. I will be forcing people to try them when I come back in Jan!!!


  2. This reminds me of my trip to India! We would finish the biscuits in one day >.<


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