We drove a Batmobile


On Friday, Sept 27th when we arrived to Portland, our Airbnb hosts (whom we had never met before) picked us up at the airport. A few minutes before arriving to their house, Jason told us that they have a Batmobile. He said he had bought a Lincoln Town Car at a car auction and transformed it into a Batmobile. He wasn’t kidding. We arrived to their house, and sure enough, there was a Batmobile parked on their driveway.

Jason let us drive it around the city (note: this is not something he does for all the guests, so if you plan on staying with them, don’t expect it.) So we took it to town and it was so fun to see all the drivers and pedestrians with big smiles on their faces when they saw the Batmobile. The windows are tinted so it is even more fun and easier for us to stare back at the people who stare at the car. A cop drove by us, stopped right next to us, and then drove away. We saw quite a few people taking photos. At a stoplight, a convertible stopped next to us and while they were taking out their camera, Josh quickly put on the Batman mask and rolled down the window and stared at them. At another stoplight, a guy walked in front of us and saluted us.

Fun times.

Bullet holes.


2 thoughts on “We drove a Batmobile

  1. That is hilarious!


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