Comfort Makes Us Unproductive

Full disclosure: this is a picture of me playing poker online during weekday work hours.

In the last 10 days back here in America, Josh and I have realized something for the first time: comfort makes us lazy.

In India, Josh had been doing a lot of work in the three months we were there; he was going to bed at 7 am!, visiting mechanics, researching for his new projects, driving us around in the scooter, etc… As for myself I was going out and doing things in town, as well as writing a blog post pretty much every day (it takes me quite a bit of time to make a blog post from all the photo taking, photo editing, photo uploading, writing, proofreading, previewing…etc.) I was going to bed at 3 am, I was making food from scratch like peanut butter and tahini, trying new Indian recipes, going for walks, trying to learn marathi, reading before bed, and hanging out with our cat in the backyard (I would never just go hang out in the backyard here in America).

In the last 10 days here in Portland we have been sleeping a lot, watching a lot of TV, and not doing enough work (sorry babe for telling.) I even plan on reading before bed every night but the most I have read was two pages before I decided I was ready to sleep (around 11pm). I haven’t cooked once yet (unless heating stuff counts, and I can cook good.), I’m sleeping like 12 hours a day, and I’m watching a ton of TV and youtube videos on my laptop… bad bad me. I’m starting to feel very lethargic, especially in the last couple days. I am also feeling more bored here than in India, but I also feel happier. I have always believed that money can’t buy happiness, but apparently comfort can, and unfortunately, material things provide comfort. On a second thought, that is not completely true. Things like: quiet, no bugs, privacy, nice weather, cleanliness, beautiful views, and good conversations are not material things, and these things are making me happy, along with a few material things like a very nice bed, a comfortable workspace, and a washer and dryer.

So we came to a conclusion. In India, we are never comfortable and it makes us productive. There is never silence in our house whether it is coming from people, trains or traffic, it is never completely clean like we are used to here in the U.S., we have no privacy until after 11pm which is probably why we like staying up late (to enjoy some privacy), there are bugs present all the time, and our desk chairs are plastic chairs. We are never quite comfortable, so this makes us productive, busy, and restless, because we simply cannot get any peace or quiet. India has a ton of energy and it seems to rub off whether you like it or not.

America is kinda boring but oh so comfortable. I mean, yeah there are a lot of things to do here, but somehow I get bored a lot, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I used to get bored too before we moved to India, but how I love comfort. India is the opposite: uncomfortable but exciting.

So now we are staying in this house which is so quiet, with an amazing view, good temperature, clean, has the most comfortable bed, drinking water, nice shower, western toilet, western food, a washer and dryer, a batmobile, and the best hosts anyone can ask for. When we arrived we felt a little bit in heaven, and now it is affecting us. We are overindulging in comfort. We know this is temporary and once we both get our visas, we have to go back. But it is what we signed up for, nobody is forcing us, but we know it is what we are supposed to do.

For now, we will continue to enjoy this comfort, and try to get some work done, because we still need to pay the bills… and we will deal with India when we get back to India.

windows livingroom
Our workspaces in India.
My current and temporary workspace.

Look at all those pillows! I didn’t even put them there.

Josh’s current and temporary workspace, with an amazing view behind that window.

2 thoughts on “Comfort Makes Us Unproductive

  1. Maybe you guys are just resting after having so much stimulation getting used to a new country and culture.


  2. God wants you to stay here… can’t you hear Him???
    Oh.. Monkeys… you never talked about the monkeys there in the streets.. Yikes!!


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