Snow Visits Portland, OR! And Why It Was The Best Day I’ve Had In A While

Windy! But I’m so happy, I don’t feel cold.

Today was a great day. The best I’ve had in a while.

First, we woke up early (the only bad thing about today, as I am not a morning person) to go pick up our new car! We have been in Portland for over 4 months without transportation and just recently, our friends offered us to borrow us some money to buy a used car on craigslist, and we would pay them back as we could (super duper nice of them, we didn’t even ask.) Josh found a good option last night and called the guy.

The posting had been up for 45 minutes when he saw it and called the guy right away. The guy said that he had already tons of emails but Josh was the first to call. Josh called our friends to see if we could have the money that night to go get the car tomorrow morning since it was in high demand. They got to the bank right before the banks were closing and had the money for us in cash that night.

Meet Charles, our 4×4 Blue Mercury Mountaineer.

This morning, the car was ours by 9am. Apparently, the guy, who was a really nice guy, told Josh that he had people offer him more money, but rejected them since we were first to decide on it.

We drove back in our awesome car, which had a great feeling to it. Josh and I believe that cars and ships kinda have souls of their own. I wanted a small car, because I am small and I have never actually driven anything bigger than a lincoln town car. But I was very happy with this SUV, because it had a great feeling to it.

On our way back home we stopped by Starbucks, and I have to say, I really do love Starbucks. I am not a coffee drinker, I only have black tea in the mornings, but if you take me to Starbucks, I will order an espresso drink; which one I order depends on my mood and the climate. Today I ordered a caramel macchiato (omg, spellcheck wanted me to change machiatto to machete.) I also had to order a chocolate croissant, which was more of a pain au chocolat because it wasn’t croissant shaped, but it was just scrumptious. They even warmed it at the perfect temperature where the chocolate inside is melty warm instead of hot or hard. It hit the spot.

Then we head home and had some bagels, which we bought the day before and it was the first time we bought this local brand which was recommended to Josh by a fellow grocery shopper. They ended up being the best bagels we’ve ever had.

Watching the snow accumulate.

A couple of hours later, it started snowing! Guess who loves snow? Me! Snow makes me happy, it fills my heart with joy. I was literally jumping around the house with joy, excited to go out later and enjoy it a bit (or a lot).

After enough snow fell to cover the ground, we decided to take Charles out for a drive, and go get lunch. (In case you didn’t read the caption earlier, Charles is our new car.)

We had lunch at O’Connors, a local pub where as soon as we entered I got a bit sad because I had left my bag at home with my passport which I need here in Portland, because they are quite strict here and they always card me because I look younger than my actual age and apparently they don’t accept expired licenses which I don’t get because my age doesn’t expire, but whatever… and I was really feeling like having a bottle of hard cider to celebrate the snow.

I ordered my drink anyway, and I was carded, and even though they very rarely have ever accepted my expired license, today, our waitress accepted it, and I got my hard cider. So the awesome day continued.


Heading to Hattie’s Sweet Shop

After our late lunch, we walked a few doors down to go get some chocolate at the sweet shop.

Snow + Chocolate = Mani’s Heaven

It was a very cold day, around 20 F (-7 C), but I wasn’t feeling very cold because I was just happy; I even rolled down the window driving back home.

I’ve been feeding the birds and they came looking for food in spite of the snow. You can see all their footprints!

Oh and on top of all of that, I found out that the mattress we recently ordered online is due to be delivered in 2 business days, instead of the 6 business days they said it would take! This made me really happy because I have been suffering with hip and back pain, and our current mattress is way too soft.

I hope you had an awesome day too.

9 thoughts on “Snow Visits Portland, OR! And Why It Was The Best Day I’ve Had In A While

  1. I love Angry Orchard cider! Awesome. I’m glad you guys had fun in your big snow day 🙂


  2. You certainly had a big one. Starbucks, Cigar, Chocolate and Charles!


    1. Cider not cigar! Damn autocorrect


    2. Yes! And you forgot to mention snow (that was a big one) and good news about the mattress! Haha.. It sounds like a pretty normal day, but it was awesome.


      1. Oh I only focused on the food lol! And Charles of course.


    1. I don’t know. I don’t know where home is at the moment. 😉


      1. Place where you feel yourself at your best. As I can see it’s not india)


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