Hometown Visit: Mexico City

Arriving to Pheonix
Arriving to Pheonix (my connection)

Last week I was in Mexico City visiting friends and family.

It was a pretty uneventful trip, but it was nice and I enjoyed myself. I didn’t visit any touristy places like last time, so I don’t have lots of interesting pictures from the trip but I have a few.

One moment really stood out from this trip for me:

Scene: Kitchen INT (interior) –

Mom was singing and dancing to the loud music on the radio whilst washing dishes.

Older brother was juggling mandarines.

And I was steeping my tea observing this scene as if I was an outside spectator and thinking “what the hell is happening?”.

Then, my brother read my mind, turned to me and also pointed out what a strange scene was taking place and we laughed.

If you can picture this, it would be great. Experiencing it was quite something.

The view from my apartment in Mexico City
The view from my apartment in Mexico City

A few highlights from the trip:

Getting the soles of my boots fixed at the shoe repair shop

shoe repair mexico shoe repair mexico 1 shoe repair mexico bw

For 50 pesos (about 3.70 USD), they came out like new.

Painting pots with my mom out in the terrace

diy paiting pots

diy painting pots plants
Fresh herbs waiting to be planted in those
The view from my apartment in Mexico City
The view from the terrace in my apartment in Mexico City

Renting a movie at Blockbuster

blockbuster mexico

The recycling truck

recycling truck mexico


Cute straws at "La Lorena" Restaurant
Cute straws at “La Lorena” Restaurant
The best coconut water you will ever drink, made with actual coconut meat. The best drink I've ever had anywhere.
The best coconut water you will ever have, made with actual coconut meat. It was the best drink I’ve ever tasted anywhere.
Agua de guayaba
Agua de guayaba (Freshly made guava juice)

Finding childhood items

imac green
My old iMac!
book psycho
I actually bought this book as a kid.

A simple, delicious dinner

In Mexico, dinner is late (around 8 pm) and it is not the biggest meal of the day (lunch is).

food mango dinner
A glass of milk, two quesadillas, a bowl of green salsa and a mango.

Overall, it was a really pleasant trip. I had dinner with friends, lunch with family, went to the movies, a little bit of shopping, and got some medical and dental care done.

This time I bought three food items to pack with me:

Left to right: hot nuts, hibiscus flower, candied sesame seeds.

4 packets of Hot Nuts (chili and lime peanuts), 2 bags of dried hibiscus flower for making agua de jamaica, and 2 bags of candied sesame seeds which are delicious on salads.

Arriving to Pheonix
Arriving to Pheonix (my connection)

2 thoughts on “Hometown Visit: Mexico City

  1. Love the pots! I have a bunch of old ones I found in the garden that belonged to the former owner of our house. I threw them in a bucket with some vinager and that helped but a few are still pretty ugly. What kind of paint do you use?

    The picture of the cobbler’s shop looks very much like the one we go to here in Versailles. 🙂


    1. Thanks! We used acrylic paint. 🙂 It dried up really fast, so you could do a couple of layers.
      It was very enjoyable to paint them.


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