Dip Recipe Ideas, Medical Humor, Dogs Reacting To Magic, Photobombing and More

Cat photo of the day.

On my list this weekend is to buy some tea. I have officially ran out of my tea stash and need some urgently. Our roommates still have plenty of lipton tea bags and plenty of green tea bags but I personally don’t like lipton and green tea makes me dizzy. I’m looking to buy some lemon ginger, black (haven’t decided which kind), and chamomile.

On other news, I am really frustrated and almost angry at my mailman because it looks like he is returning my mail and I am expecting some really important mail related to my immigration status and which if I don’t receive, it might cost me $590 to $1000 USD plus a lot of waiting time. The DMV already confirmed that he returned my driving license, so I’m worried. I don’t know why he thinks I’m a terrorist or something, why is he returning my mail?

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend! And enjoy this week’s links:

This list makes me want to go on a US roadtrip.

These three dips for snacking sound perfect: whipped feta, roasted jalapeño and lime hummus, and creamy beet tahini.

Before and after searching the web about your symptoms. I’m guilty, are you?

Another funny medical comic

These dog’s reactions to magic are adorable

Meet PoopGuy, India’s Toilet Hero

The disturbing reality of how drugs affect your appearance.

This is a pretty accurate visual description of my older brother and I in cat form.

A rare mutated apple.

Since we are at it, check out these gross medical remedies from old texts.

In Japan, catching a glimpse of a work of art can be as simple as looking down.

Check out these seriously amazing winner photographs.

Scientists are calling their latest dinosaur discovery “the chicken from hell.”

Would you ride in this windowless supersonic jet? I would!

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm surprise people by photobombing their photos.

A world map of tea and coffee drinkers.

Check out how teenagers are asking their dates to prom nowadays. I’m only confused about the flour one.

Heaven and Hell: Nation edition.

See a Sicilian Nun singing Alicia Keys bring a rapper to tears (click on the cc button in the video to see subtitles)

So, slip-on sneakers are totally in. I recently bought these.


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