City Girl Living In The Country Part 2: Croquet, Vintage Cars & A Hidden Beach

croquet deer island manor3
Playing croquet on the lawn on a random afternoon.

As some of you may know, my husband and I moved to the country with two friends about 23 days ago. I have lived in big cities most of life so this is a new experience for me and so far it has been an interesting journey.

Three more things happened since we moved that would have otherwise not happened if we lived in the city.

1. Played Croquet

croquet deer island manor7

Croquet consists of hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops that are stuck on the grass. It’s a very British thing to do as early records indicate it originated in England in the 1800s.

D had a croquet set lying around and on a weekday late afternoon we randomly decided to play and it was so fun. The last time I remember playing was when I was a kid and we had a family owned ranch outside of the city in Mexico were we used to play. Great memories.

We didn’t follow the right rules because we all forgot or didn’t know them and decided to study them later for our second game.

 2. Attended A Vintage Car Show

1960s Mercedes
1960s Mercedes

I don’t know if it’s the area, or a Portland and surroundings thing, or a country thing, or an Oregon thing, but I have been seeing lots of well taken care of and pimped classic cars lately.

One Saturday we were driving to somewhere when we drove past what it looked like a vintage car show about 15 minutes from where we live now. We decided to stop and see. It was a really cool show, they had many amazing remodeled old cars and a couple, out of place but still amazing, corvettes.

3. Discovered A Hidden Beach

hidden beach10
Mount St. Helens at a distance

We drove by a few cars parked right outside a tunnel a few times before we decided to stop and see why people were parking there. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

First, we walked through the tunnel which had positive messages written in graffiti. At the other end of the tunnel we came across a path surrounded by trees and sunshine. It was a wonderful little hike to get to the beach. At the end of the path of the mini forest, we reached sand; tons of sand. We had to keep going to finally reach the river. We saw people basking in the sun, Mount St Helens at a distance, the moon during daylight, a sailboat, and a speedboat.

It was such a peaceful sanctuary just a 5 minute drive from our home!

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4 thoughts on “City Girl Living In The Country Part 2: Croquet, Vintage Cars & A Hidden Beach

  1. That hidden beach is awesome!


  2. Yippee for hidden beaches. What a lovely discovery.


  3. beautiful! the croquet looks fun!


  4. Croquet reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. That’s a fantastic discovery. Hope you get to go back often 🙂


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