Between Ganesha

ganesha statues

I had fun photographing these colorful hand-painted statues of Ganesha right before the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival last year. You can see and read more here.

ganesha statues

Two Indian girls between Ganesha statues.


6 thoughts on “Between Ganesha

  1. What astounding colors! A great take on the theme.


  2. Love the colours of India!


  3. Aww that is so nice. I celebrate this festival too. We get ganesh idols at home and pray. Festivities and colors are superb in India.


  4. This is definitely ‘between’! The two little girls are adorable but do you have any other info on the Ganesha statues? Only wondering because they look so very interesting. Great job on intrepreting the challenge. Here’s my own submission; please enjoy and don’t forget to let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two 🙂


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